About Us

DISHA ELEKTRONICS – An upcoming name in P.C.B. manufacturing. Our main feature is uncompromising commitment to integrity, quality and service in everything we do. Since 1997 Disha Elektronics has demonstrated an infallible commitment to fulfil all our customer needs. We have an insatiable drive to provide services in form of constant communication and attention to every detail. Having Disha Elektronics as your business partner, means you’ll be assured of total quality, immediate communication and on time service.

Following is a list of machinery we have in our 3600 sq. Ft. area plant:
• CNC machine
• Semiautomatic printing Machine
• Brushing machine
• Etching machine
• Power press
• V cut machine
• Electric oven
• UV curing machine

We are using the following material for manufacturing of PCBs:
• Single layer phenolic (FR-1 and XPC)
• Single layer paper epoxy (CM-1)
• Single layer glass epoxy (FR-4)
• Double layer glass epoxy (Non PTH and PTH)
• Multilayer glass epoxy
• Aluminium clad Laminate
• Name Plates (Aluminium & PC)
Also, for Multilayer PCB’s we have a tie-up with manufacturing factory in China. We are sole representatives in India for their products.
We supply P.C.B.s for various products like inverters, stabilizers, power supplies etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide dependable full service PCB and best price to Indian customers. Disha PCB is continuously improving our capabilities and processes to reduce operational costs and provide the best quality to customers.

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