vinyl chloride health effects

I just scrolled down to look at my original message to you and see it was very brief. It was a terrible experience. They are starting to smell like tar also. your scientific support vis-a-vis the papers seems most impressive even though I've yet to examine them in detail.I seem to be getting more confused as I go along in this troublesome sojourn. Below I'll cite some research on the toxicity of PVC off-gassing products. EPA’s short-term health advisory a 10-kg (22 lb.) 2000. Hazard Summary-Created in April 1992; Revised in January 2000," US EPA, available at epa.gov/ttn/uatw/hlthef/vinylchl.html, Asthma Citation: Bornehag, CG, et al. child consuming 1 liter of water per day is 3 mg/L for one-day to ten-day exposures. 5 (2014): 795-802. An industrial hygienist for whom i have the utmost respect whom i consulted with before your correspondence told me not to worry about the windows. (Nov 21, 2014) ann said:I have vinyl blinds in my sewing room. There's a strong vinyl smell from the frame around my new patio doors. He said they make the PVC windows by polymerizing vc gas and the final PVC frames have fully chemically reacted to strong covalent molecular bonds which cannot any further off gas. HOME, DOE ZERO ENERGY READY. The window has white slats between the glass if that makes a difference. In any case the actual health hazards, short or long term, depend very much on both the level and frequency of exposure and on individual health and genetic variation. Cancer: Based on epidemiological and animal studies, vinyl chloride is carcinogenic in humans when We have seen cases of builders who disposed of vinyl siding scraps by burying them on the building site. Vinyl chloride is used primarily to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC); PVC is used to make a variety of plastic products, including pipes, wire and cable coatings, and packaging materials. The principal constituents in PVC solvents and cement include Tetrahydrofuran, cyclohexane, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, acetone, hexane, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, methyl-iso-butyl ketone (MIBK). We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. It is mutagenic and its carcinogenic action is believed to occur via a genotoxic mechanism. At some buildings occupants complain (to us by email) of odors and outgassing that is on occasion traced to vinyl siding, vinyl window products, building trim, or window screens. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. B-cell proliferation, hyperimmunoglobulinemia, and complement activation, with increased circulating immune complexes or cryoglobulinemia indicating stimulation of immune response, have been observed. Yesterday, I spent all day wiping them down with some mild soap and water to clean them. Not only is this prohibited in many communities, but burying a material that will not biodegrade is a poor practice that does not respect future property owners nor the environment. When i first moved into my unit the windows had been painted shut so Ii took a knife and scored the paint with a damp towel around it to trap the dust. Finally, we have received a few building odor complaints that were traced to offgassing from vinyl and other plastic products, particularly when exposed to heat and sunlight, such as odd chemical smells that we have traced not to vinyl siding products, but to certain window screen materials and to some vinyl window sashes and frames in retrofit windows. When we have had to dispose of vinyl siding during construction products we have taken the material to public waste disposal sites that accept construction debris. Summary of Mammalian Toxicology and Health Effects of Phthalate Esters, Raymond M. David and Gerhard Gans from which I quote below: Long-term hazards from short-term exposures are either minimal or reversible because many long-term effects are observed only following continuous exposure. These effects occurred in workers who had been exposed to levels of VCM very much higher than the current control limits. [Note: Shipped as a liquefied compressed gas.] Contact. Once having been installed on a home, risks to building occupants from vinyl siding or other vinyl products would occur only if the material is burned, as there could be toxic offgassing from the material in a fire. Postulated mechanisms for the non-cancer effects include: ♦ a reactive vinyl chloride intermediate metabolite, such as 2-chloroethylene oxide or 2-chloroacetaldehyde, binds to a protein such as IgG; ♦ altered protein initiates an immune response, with deposition of immune products along vascular endothelium; ♦ circulating immune complexes are proposed to precipitate in response to exposure to the cold, and these precipitates are proposed to produce blockage of the small vessels. A Department for Work and Pensions (2005) review concluded that there was consistent evidence that the inhalation of VCM in PVC production workers causes a characteristic clinical triad of osteolysis of the terminal phalanges, scleroderma, and Raynaud's phenomenon, but not all three are invariably present together (Department for Work and Pensions 2005). I've always wanted to replace the [vinyl] siding [on my home] because I was aware that there may be health risks associated to the material. Our Maine Coon cats hang out and sleep on the porch overnight. Still, in addition to field reports from consumers and professionals, I have personally worked on cases where there were significant offgassing / odor complaints traced to PVC products, for example at a Florida sun-porch built almost entirely of PVC materials. I'm not sure if they would show up as a chronic complaint however. Also, The vinyl building products industry argues that the levels of dioxin and HCL (hydrochloric acid) from their products are not significant. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). There is research discussing potentially harmful effects of gases emanated from some PVC products and it seems likely that there will be PVC off-gassing at more considerable levels at manufacturing facilities. We've had that confirmed by in-field inspection and even very simple testing such as the SMELL PATCH TEST to FIND ODOR SOURCE described at InspectApedia.com. "Mary-Elizabeth Harmon, PhD Greenpeace USA Greenpeace www. Vinyl Chloride is a CARCINOGEN and MUTAGEN. Dioxin is almost certainly released at harmful levels in those cases. I'm not sure what the picture window is made from but was wondering if that could be the sourse of the odor and if there is anything I could do other than replacing it to get rid of the smell. Obviously the cats were profusely vomiting and they recovered after three days. Several words in the comment below were changed by my computer's spell check. Disposal by burning is likely to be dangerous, releasing dangerous levels of dioxin and HCL. No. There are research papers on PVC off-gassing for various PVC and EPVC products including windows, siding, trim, and flooring. (Jan 22, 2013) mary b said:i like what you said.

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