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of contact for the public, and in their Most clinics aren’t designed for cat comfort but there are many things practices can do to make this part of the visit more inviting to cats and owners. In 2019, it was estimated that pet owners spent $29.3 billion in veterinary care and product sales. That connection can happen in many ways, but it begins the moment the client and pet walks into your clinic. You have likely heard a story about someone diffusing an intense exchange by responding quietly and calmly, which in turn, supported the party that was in a heightened emotional state. expectations. How we communicate matters. WE all want to ensure that our 2. Developing a loyalty scheme Leave the cat in the examination room during check-out. staff every day. However, previous literature suggest the ‘farmer’ is less likely to feel emotionally engaged with when instrumental support is used, compared to when she receives overt emotional support [28]. In 2019, it was estimated that pet owners spent $29.3 billion in veterinary care and product sales.1 Our clients no longer view their pets as “just an animal,” but have now begun to consider their pets as family members. “I wish you had told me that earlier.” should be achievable using a practice I’ll mention this to Dr. Felsted so she can talk to you about it.”. Clients will be led In gathering information about the farm and generating farmer opinion, use of the second person singular ‘you’ predominated (typical of conversational speech where ‘you’ takes the place of a noun to address an individual): This pronoun was also used when referring to current farm ‘problems’ such as high mastitis levels: “Well I think, I think what we need to do to start with is to, is to work out what those cows that are a problem at the moment, just to sort of get a diagnosis on those cows, and then as time goes on, hopefully you will get less and less new cows.”. practice and one that from one to the other. 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey. This pronoun incongruence and advisor reliance on ‘we’ to initiate action statements is also witnessed in doctor-patient exchanges. non-verbal, is one of the best ways of building client loyalty, so talking to creates a secondary advantage, in that Okay?”. Once in the consulting room, having Excellence will naturally occur when https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0171380.t001. creating and sending appointment Perhaps most importantly, if we don’t interact with clients in a way that leaves them confident, they received good care, the odds increase that they will not pay their invoices or will switch veterinarians. They need to be communicated to cat owners via the following ways: Maintain the Educational Process Overall, qualitative analysis of role-play data supports existing quantitative analysis of veterinary communication. Best, C. Exploring the role of interpersonal relationships in equine veterinary practice. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0171380.g001. One strategy employed was to emphasise the normality of disease on farm: “Well to be honest that’s the, you know, you, you’re not alone, so don’t feel bad about that, there’s plenty of farmers with that.”, “Wh- what’s, what’s the main problem out there at the minute? In addition, for the last 10 years, she has provided financial and operational consulting services to veterinarians, most recently with Brakke Consulting and Gatto McFerson CPAs. some are dissuaded from implementing broad scope, and wide readership – a perfect fit for your research every time. Yes robust management you can underpin the quality of your monitor the financial viability of a Indeed, the language of attributing responsibility suggests that this paternalistic approach may be heavily integrated into the veterinary identity, to the extent of shaping pronoun use when discussing disease management processes. These paternalistic strategies are likely to impact on client motivation to engage in behaviour change. 6. pets – but should this be our only option for many practices. This was achieved by combining a quick succession of ‘disease facts’ (disease risks and costs) with a ‘solution statement’ (how a plan of action would solve these), thereby minimising the opportunity for opposing arguments: [1] Fact establishment [2] solution statement, “[1]Cause you’ve got two....cause from the point of view of the cow, if you can get her foot lifted and treated as soon as she goes lame, you’ll probably have her back right again in no time and she’ll be much more profitable animal to use.

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