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The EP got them some airplay on influential L.A. radio station KROQ, but their career had mostly stalled. Band. Ged is editor-in-chief and founder of Zing Instruments. Influenced by the louder, more exciting side of the British Invasion as exemplified by the Who and the Move, the bandmembers did their best to carve out a small space for themselves among the cover bands that ran the L.A. scene in the aftermath of glam rock. If you hit upon a name you love, make sure you google it to make sure a band of that name doesn’t already exist. The name is also the title of a song they wrote for Deftones bass player Chi Cheng, after his car accident in November 2008. [2] The Dickies, perhaps returning a favor, would go on to cover "pretty please me" on Stukas Over Disneyland (1983). Pretty neat, eh! Includes a special promotional copy of the new cd, photos, stickers and limited edition "Comic Cover" poster art by Jeff Davidson. Variations For Strings and Percussion (V. Bokmiller, conducting). Benair's girlfriend during much of his tenure in The Quick was Lisa Fancher, who wrote liner notes for The Runaways' debut album, then went on to found the influential independent record label Frontier Records. The Quick released a full-length album, 1976's Mondo Deco on Mercury Records, produced by Kim Fowley and engineered by Earle Mankey, the original guitarist of Sparks (formerly Halfnelson), one of the band's earlier influences. After that, the band went on hiatus. Here is your chance to buy the promotional package that goes out to media contacts and industry insiders. The Quick self-released some of the tracks in 1978 on a 10" EP titled Tune in with Our Times; one of them, "Pretty Please," was covered years later by Redd Kross. Far was an American band from Sacramento, California, United States, formed in 1991. Members of the Quick, who were dominated in terms of songwriting credits for their own band by Huffsteter, contributed to the Dickies' early canon. I think Dipper Eightball is perfect . On November 4, 91x (San Diego) added Pony. The band spent time in the studio with producer David Campbell (Beck's father) and came up with a strong set of songs, but the label passed. The Quick split from Fowley completely and went to work changing up their sound and approach into something harder and less Sparks-influenced. Pick your poison from 26 tracks that span grind, death, progressive metal, sludge, doom, black metal and beyond. You sure can. Producer David Campbell is the father of noted alternative musician Beck Hansen. … On February 10, 2010 Far announced At Night We Live will be released May 18, 2010 on Vagrant Records. There are two bands known as The Quick 1) American power pop band 2) UK … Step 1. He cited several problems but mainly that there was just "too much drama. At this point their friend Billy Bizeau was able to join the group when Fowley sprang for a keyboard. Drummer Chris Robyn has since played several shows with Will Haven in 2000 when their drummer Wayne Morse left. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. He wanted them to embrace the "boogie" sound that many rock bands of the time were doing, but the Quick held fast to their decidedly different vision. Their manager Troy Davis considers Tin Cans With Strings to be the first-ever screamo album. 89 likes. Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 16, 2017, 36 choice cuts - one from each 2015 LP, plus music from new signings on the mighty and 25-years-strong Relapse label. On December 4 KROQ-FM (Los Angeles) added Pony. In 2000, the band reunited again and recorded Ink.Later, vocalist Mark Tornillo decided to leave to found a band called Riff Raff. McFarlane and Campsie originally met in California in 1978, and began working together when they returned to England, taking the name "The Quick". There’s no limit to the number of times you can use this band name generator. ): Then it just remains for me to choose one I like. The label also lost faith in them, and both Mondo Deco and the "Rag Doll" single sank without a trace. [11][12] On March 16, Jonah Matranga announced that the album will be pushed back one week to May 25 due to artwork finalizing. To avoid contractual issues, this early recording was credited to "The Young Republicans". Here’s a selection of what was generated (there were over 13 pages of suggestions!

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