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He tends to be in the northwestern portion of the map, patrolling along the roads up in this corner of the map. She won't just give it to you though, and she says you must prove yourself as a protector first. Phylakes often rest near enemy camps, which are terrible places to fight, for obvious reasons. He frequently camps with a large group of other soldiers. After this quest, the Phylakes will be added to the map, and despite the quest’s Suggested Level, much of it can be completed as you explore Egypt, as the Phylakes range in between level twenty and fourty. How aggressive you need to be depends on how many other soldiers are attacking you at the same time. You can help the Assassin's Creed Wiki by uploading better images on this page. You really just want to make sure you have good equipment for this, and coming to one of these fights too early is just a good way to get massacred. The Iron Ram You’ll find the Galatian riding around the Isolated Desert in his chariot (left). Half Horn: Level 38. For some reason, he will get out of his chariot and begin chasing you, giving you plenty of time to pelt him with arrows. Add a photo to this gallery. Besting the Iron Ram will allow you to nab the Smoke and Mirrors weapon from him. The Iron Bull is perhaps the most difficult of all the Phylake, and not just because he is the highest level. If you can, sneak up behind him for a stealth attack. That being the case, some general tips will be presented to help you with your encounters with the Phylakes. Getting the Black Hood Legendary Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins is a bit more serious job as you will need to be on level 38 minimum and you will have to complete the Phylake’s Prey Quest. All Stone Circle locations and solutions. These guys have a ton of HP, can't be killed in a single assassination attack, and can do a ton of damage. The Iron Bull: Level 40. If you can wait for him to try his powerful attack where he stays further back and the launches at you, you can easily dodge this attack and he leaves himself very vulnerable for an entire combo on his backside. He drives a war chariot and wields a tower shield with a sword, making him hard to sneak up on and even harder to get some good melee hits on. If not, try a headshot from your most powerful bow to get things started. Overpower attacks are invaluable. You can use a bow to perform a headshot on these Phylakes, and then while they charge at you, you can keep hitting them with arrows. A Phylakes is a strong enough foe without having to worry about more enemies showing up to complicate matters. He is not the weakest level wise and even at level 40 you can't kill him in a single sneak attack. Try to start out all fights with a sneak attack. Speedy weapons are preferable here, as your slower weapons will frequently just end up with a lot of missed attacks. This article is in need of more images and/or better quality pictures in order to achieve a higher status. Your best bet is to use a heavy blunt weapon, and then enter your trance state as that allows you to continue attacking without getting stunned. Human The Iron Ram. When you're ready to start, go and kill your first Phylake. Interact with it to get a legendary outfit, your reward for completing this beast of a quest. Phylakes are tough foes, but if you can escape them, you'll heal fully - they won't. He travels between the Dionysias Caravanserai and some of the roads northwest of the camp. You will find a woman in a small village in the region of Herakleion Nome, and she is holding the last key referred to in the note. when I was trying to kill the iron ram I got him a little bit of health and then got killed by an arrow. Since they range over a wide area (perhaps not individually, but collectively) and their level varies so much, this will be a task you’re working on for most of the game. If you have a sickle sword, now is the time to use it. This will wind up doing more damage than if you just used your stealth attack, and there are a couple you may wind up actually killing before they can even get to you. You’ll need to tailor your strategies depending on what weapon the enemy has. Use ranged attacks. With good aim and a strong bow, you may kill him before he even reaches you. You will find information on their level, where they can be found, and specific tips for fighting each one. They’re the only level forty Phylakes, and the only two that are regularly found near each other. He does not have much in the way of melee attacks, and he is one of the few Phylakes without a strong shield defense. One such aggrieved individual, Bayek, a Medjay from Siwa, now seeks revenge against this secret organization. You want to wait until you have him somewhere by himself, which can be a pain considering how many enemy soldiers are around the path he patrols. If other guards do come, try to focus on The Stranger first because the longer this battle takes, the more random guards are going to wander your way. She will hand over here key, and give you the general direction of her hidden chest. The Galatian patrols along the path in the middle of the Isolated Desert, going between Camp Dory, Camp Tamaris, and Camp Khoikos. Species The Hill: Level 32. The Iron Ram; The Stranger; Ra's Mercy; The Hill; Bane of Hathor; Half Horn; The Iron Bull; The Galatian; Trivia. Find Abar in her secluded fishing village (left) then kill the crocodiles as she requested (right). If you do this, it will likely alert the guard in front of the entrance to Dionysias Caravanserai but that won't make the fight significantly harder and you'll easily drain half of his health. As usual, Overpower attacks do great damage to a Phylakes (left), but failing that, charged heavy attacks work fine (right). The Iron Bull, despite his name, is no heavyweight, instead being a scepter-armed foe who strikes quickly, and can often sneak in attacks before you can land one, yourself. This state allows you to perform a devastating and quick combo, and very frequently if you have a strong sickle sword you can wind up killing your target before the trance state wears off. The Iron Bull is also in this general vicinity, and if the two of them happen to be together for a period of time just wait until they separate. Given his attack speed, you’re probably better off standing at a distance and using your bows as much as possible to whittle him down, as you don’t want to get caught in a combo, and his attack speed makes it likely that he’ll strike first. He has smoke bombs, but beyond that no real way to deal with long distance attacks. Repeat the process and use Overpower as it recharges and you should emerge victorious. Parry also works quite well here, as does the overpower attack with a heavy blunt weapon. He will also camp at night with a handful of other soldiers, and you probably want to wait until he gets up because fighting him by himself is much easier than fighting a whole group of soldiers with him. This is a special side quest that doesn't really have a set location associated with it, and it instead will take you all over the map. Smoke and Mirrors is the Legendary Predator bow with 3/4 Stealth Damage, 2/4 Critical Hit Rate, and shoots arrows on fire. He wanders around a lot of the region, but will pass through Taus. Why not join us today? If this email address is not valid, or you no longer have access to it, you can update your account details at https://account.ubisoft.com or visit support.ubi.com to open a support ticket. He tends to patrol the northern edge of the region, going between Cleon's Wharf and Fort Boubastos. His shield will be up, but you can keep shooting him in the head while he closes in. After killing the last two Phylakes, confirm their kills and from The Galatian you should obtain The Fourth Plague and an Ornamented Key , along with a note mentioning one Abar, who is retired and resides “in that pathetic fishing village east of Herakleion”. In any event, he’s got a shield, a sword, and a pila, the latter of which is surprisingly painful. Besting the Iron Ram will allow … At first, it is advisable to just avoid them entirely and the game is very nice about sounding off a LOUD WARNING HORN when you get close. Given his attack speed, you're probably better off standing at a distance and using your bows as much as possible to whittle him down, as you don't want to get caught in a combo, and his attack speed makes it likely that he'll strike first. Gallery. It is also likely going to be the last quest you complete, as you will have to deal with multiple level 40 enemies that have a ton of health and can do a lot of damage. His name may lead you to expect a somewhat larger foe, but names can be deceptive, as this Phylakes wields dual swords. It's often the easiest way to get past a Phylakes' guard, and even against foes that don't have a guard you need to bypass, it'll often knock them down, opening them up for more abuse. Ptolemy's Fist: Level 22. As usual, use a sneak attack to start out the fight with Half Horn (left). The Iron Ram: Level 25. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You can strip Djoser’s Shield from his body, as befitting a conquering soldier. Once he dismounts from his chariot, get close and start unleashing your strongest combos.

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