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We also ship each Valencia oranges in our custom, crush-proof boxes to ensure that your citrus fruit arrives safely and in pristine condition. This citrus tree was imported into California by 1876. It became[when?] Since the beginning we have always sold the freshest citrus fruits to our customers who bought Valencia oranges from our original fruit stand. Whether you want a sweet treat to nibble any time or fresh oranges to put in the juicer for the perfect, healthy morning drink, Hale Groves offers the perfect ordering options to fit your needs. Grown specifically for their juicy content, these oranges will satisfy your craving for a succulent, juicy fruit. [4] After bloom, it usually carries two crops on the tree, the old and the new. Ordering your Valencia oranges online is also easy to do, and you'll find a wonderful selection of ordering options. Try fresh oranges … He continued to buy land, and later had sheep ranches, as well as developing extensive citrus orchards. When your sweet tooth demands to be satisfied, you can pass up those unhealthy treats in favor of a delicious, naturally sweet Valencia orange. • HOME FRUIT PRODUCTION-ORANGES at Texas Cooperative Extension Texas A&M Horticulture program The Valencia, of course, is not grown exclusively in Texas citrus groves, but is one of the more popular citrus varieties in the world. If you're looking for an orange full of fresh, flavorful juice, then look no further than a Valencia Orange. Valencia Oranges The most widely planted orange variety in the world, the large, slightly oblong “Valencia” orange (Citrus sinensis “Valencia”) grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9a through 11. Its excellent taste and internal color make it desirable for the fresh fruit markets, too. The oranges can be easily online ordered. Just one orange gives you all the Vitamin C you need for the day. The region is known as the Rio Grande Valley and it is located in South Texas. Worldwide, Valencia oranges are prized as the only variety of orange in season during summer. These had originally been imported from India. [citation needed], In the mid 20th century, Florida botanist Lena B. Smithers Hughes introduced major improvements to the Valencia orange, developing virus-free strains for budwood production. He cultivated numerous vineyards and grape varietals, and was the largest wine producer in the region. This variety of orange is our sweetest because we allow it to stay on the tree longer so that it naturally absorbs more of the wonderful sunshine and natural sugars. Jean, Charlie (1987-12-21). We serve delicious fresh oranges from Valencia to your home. Growing Regions. The success of this crop in Southern California led to the naming of Valencia, California. Direct delivery from the orchard to your home in 3-4 days. Buy Oranges. The fruit has an average diameter of 2.7 to 3 inches (69 to 76 mm; 6.9 to 7.6 cm), and a piece of this fruit which weighs 96 grams (3.4 oz) has 45 calories and 9 grams of sugar. The orange cultivar 'Smith Red Valencia' (with red insides) now bears her name. The Valencia orange is a sweet orange. Today, Hale Groves has become the top source for the finest Valencia oranges. Valencia Oranges. Bite into any of our orange varieties (Early, Navel and Valencias) and “sweet” and "juicy" are the best words to describe them. When you choose to buy Valencia oranges to be delivered, you are assured of more than great taste and freshness from Hale Groves. When peeling a Texas Orange, the first thing you will notice is its very thin skin. With humble beginnings, Hale Groves first offered sweet Valencia oranges from a roadside fruit stand way back in 1947. Since that time, crops have been cultivated in one relatively small section of the state. The breezes from the Gulf sometimes create “tropical beauty marks” or surface scarring on the peel but it does not affect inside quality of the fruit at all. Today, that fruit stand still operates by the side of the road, and Hale Groves has become the top source for the finest Florida Valencia oranges. You can always be certain that every Valencia orange will arrive within a very few days of being picked from the tree, and your citrus fruit will never be frozen or stored at any long-term facility. It was first hybridized by pioneer American agronomist and land developer William Wolfskill in the mid-19th century on his farm in Santa Ana, southern California, United States, North America. The breezes from … Midseason oranges include true 'Pineapple' and 'Jaffa', with 'Pineapple' usually maturing about Thanksgiving and 'Jaffa' about Christmas. Although many associate oranges with warm weather, and these individuals are not at all off base, the Valencia orange is found in Texas citrus-producing regions well into the winter season.

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