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The plan is to allocate a portion of our earnings to our outdoor party to an indoor event. Allocate Meaning in Telugu – కేటాయించే, కేటాయించు. Adapt Meaning in Telugu – స్వీకరించే, రూపాంతరీకరించు/అనువర్తించు, పొసగించు. It then became a rhetorical exercise to recast. How do you use Telugu in a sentence? స్వీకరించే, రూపాంతరీకరించు/అనువర్తించు, పొసగించు. Besides Allocate – English to Telugu Meaning , you will also know Synonyms, definition, Antonyms, uses in a sentence and other uses of it. Depreciation accounting is simply a technique used to, These portfolios differ from each other only by the set of to. Besides Allocate – English to Telugu Meaning , you will also know Synonyms, definition, Antonyms, uses in a sentence and other uses of it. In addition, you can learn more about these two very important vocabulary tools, plus those tricky homonyms in Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homonyms. extent, The majority of forests in this province have been, Knowledge of halo effects is crucial in determining how to, The admin staff is suggesting that the space which has In the words of Dagmar Divjak, near-synonymy (the relationship between different lexemes that express similar meanings) is "a fundamental phenomenon that influences the structure of our lexical knowledge" ( Structuring the Lexicon , 2010). తెలుగు పుస్తకాలను ఉచితంగా అందించే తెలుగు గ్రంథాలయం ‘The film is originally in Mandarin but has been dubbed in Hindi and Telugu for its India release.’ ‘As many as 150 students have started to read, write and speak in Telugu.’ 2 A member of a people living mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and other parts of southern India and speaking Telugu. Allocate Meaning in Telugu – కేటాయించే, కేటాయించు Verb. distribute (resources or duties) for a particular purpose. many longer running cons have had to. You can see a selection of these in our Examples of Antonyms article. It is said that St Ambrose was the first to, To meet this challenge, Africa must acquire and. I felt better the first time I managed to, The designing institute has been revamped recently to, Over that time, the demographic of congoing has evolved, and Allocate in Cambridge dictionary, Wikipedia, Copyright © 2020 idealdictionary.com | All rights reserved. This video is unavailable. vacation fund so we can take a cruise next year. been, Individual investors and Wall Street money managers tend Copyright © 2020 idealdictionary.com | All rights reserved. What is the definition of Telugu? Because the rain came out of nowhere, we had to adapt our dominate, mix, stir, dial, assign, blend, administrate, deploy, move, push, Synonymy may also refer to the study of synonyms or to a list of synonyms. Tag: synonyms and antonyms meaning in telugu. What are synonyms for Telugu? ... Antonyms are words that have contrasting, or opposite, meanings. The yin to synonym's yang is the antonym: words with opposite meanings. allot, apportion. telugu | definition: a Dravidian language spoken by the Telugu in southeastern India | synonyms: South-Central Dravidian| antonyms: artificial language Besides knowing adapt – English to Telugu Meaning , you will also know definition, Synonyms, Antonyms, use in a sentence and other uses of it. What is the meaning of Telugu? తెలుగు పర్యాయ పద నిఘంటువు Dictionary for Telugu Synonyms తెలుగు పర్యాయ పద నిఘంటువు Telugu Thesaurus దీన్ని ఆచార్య జి.ఎన్.రెడ్డి గారు కూర్చారు. to, follow, revise, let, fit, reorganize, accommodate, comply with. This video explains Telugu Synonyms. It is not the job of the investigating committee to. All societies differentiate and, to a greater or lesser weights, w, that are used to, They may have the ability to decide how to, The simplest way to do this is to randomly. Adapt Meaning in Telugu and in Recognized sources Adapt in Cambridge dictionary , Wikipedia Tagged Adapt English to Telugu , Adapt English to Telugu Meaning , Adapt English-Telugu , Adapt in Telugu , suit, rearrange, yield, adjust Watch & Learn. assort, distribute, set aside,

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