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Thomas’s opinion from last week on an Indiana abortion law showed his strong opposition to abortion and indicated he is particularly eager to overturn Roe v. Wade, just as he previously tried to do in Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992. This argument again echoes Lochner, which relied on its assessment that “we think that a law like the one before us involves neither the safety, the morals nor the welfare of the public, and that the interest of the public is not in the slightest degree affected by such an act.” 198 U. S., at 57. They have been able to hold civil marriage ceremonies in States that recognize same-sex marriages and private religious ceremonies in all States. Rather, Loving (and other marriage cases) were about “the right to marry in its comprehensive sense” (slip op at 18). promoting domestic felicity, and . Many good and decent people oppose same-sex marriage as a tenet of faith, and their freedom to exercise religion is — unlike the right imagined by the majority — actually spelled out in the Constitution. Attempting to circumvent the problem presented by the newness of the right found in these cases, the majority claims that the issue is the right to equal treatment. See, e.g., Mich. The majority goes on to assert in conclusory fashion that the Equal Protection Clause provides an alternative basis for its holding. This does not mean that the right to marry is less meaningful for those who do not or cannot have children. See, e.g., Zablocki, supra, at 383 388; Skinner, 316 U. S., at 541. not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. Surely the journalist class should be intrigued by the, Biden voters were asked if they were aware of issues li, Keeping people from their suffering loved ones does not, Here Are The 11 Most Devastating Quotes From John Roberts’ Gay Marriage Dissent, 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms, Poll: One In Six Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They Had Known About Scandals Suppressed By Media, Forcing The Sick And Elderly To Die Alone Is Crueler Than COVID-19. It does not follow that each of those essential rights is one that we as judges can enforce under the written Constitution. Pp. 2011), Golinski v. Office of Personnel Management, 824 F. Supp. Ante, at 10, 11. See M. L. B., 519 U. S., at 120 121; id., at 128 129 (Kennedy, J., concurring in judgment); Beardenv. That principle applies here. 541 (1942) 196 (1989) Rights implicit in liberty and rights secured by equal protection may rest on different precepts and are not always co-extensive, yet in some instances each may be instructive as to the meaning and reach of the other. 953, However, in Justice Kennedy's view, the Founders understood that rights and liberties can evolve. 354 U. S. 1, His main point, though, is that “a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine” (Scalia dissent, slip op at 6) is not the institution to decide a policy question such as same-sex marriage. Fifth Amendment], it was used in the same sense and with no greater extent.” Ibid. 309, 798 N. E. 2d 941. (Kennedy, J., concurring). While Chief Justice Roberts is correct about that “short leap” logically, it’s not likely that we’ll adopt polygamy any time soon. Department of Treasury, 764 F. Supp. To the contrary, it is the enduring importance of marriage that underlies the petitioners' contentions. 1 W. Blackstone, Commentaries *410; J. Locke, Second Treatise of Civil Government §§78–79, p. 39 (J. Gough ed. The pre-eminent modern case on this standard is Washington v. Glucksberg, where Chief Justice William Rehnquist stated that fundamental rights must be “‘objectively, deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition,’ and ‘implicit in the concept of ordered liberty, such that neither liberty nor justice would exist if they were sacrificed’” (Roberts dissent, slip op at 13-14 (quoting Washington v. Glucksberg)). As well, there have been many cases in both state and federal courts, each accompanied by briefs of the parties and any number of amici briefs. The Court stressed the invasive nature of the ban, which threatened the intrusion of “the police to search the sacred precincts of marital bedrooms.” Id., at 485. 2003), Citizens for Equal Protectionv. They assert the petitioners do not seek to exercise the right to marry but rather a new and nonexistent "right to same-sex marriage." Procreation occurs through sexual relations between a man and a woman. . It asserted that “an act of Congress which deprives a citizen of the United States of his liberty or property, merely because he came himself or brought his property into a particular Territory of the United States . Moser, ___ F. Supp. 2010), Gillv. 12 (1967) Indeed, from the standpoint of history and tradition, a leap from opposite-sex marriage to same-sex marriage is much greater than one from a two-person union to plural unions, which have deep roots in some cultures around the world. When Roberts ruled in favor of state powers in Obergefell, he had precedent on his side. Legislatures have repeatedly taken up the matter on behalf of the People, and 35 States have put the question to the People themselves. The issue before the Court here is the legal question whether the Constitution protects the right of same-sex couples to marry. This distortion of our Constitution not only ignores the text, it inverts the relationship between the individual and the state in our Republic. Petitioners misunderstand the institution of marriage when they say that it would “mean little” absent governmental recognition. (Harlan, J., concurring in judgment). That most states already issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples was the result of a sustained grassroots movement that had started decades earlier. Ante, at 9, 10, 23. Federal courts are blunt instruments when it comes to creating rights. This dynamic also applies to same-sex marriage. . In Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark case that federally legalized gay marriage in 2015, Roberts wrote a dissenting opinion arguing that regardless of its potential policy merits, gay marriage had to be decided by states because it was not an enumerated right in the U.S. Constitution. There the Court invalidated the Missouri Compromise on the ground that legislation restricting the institution of slavery violated the implied rights of slaveholders. See 482 U. S., at 95 96.

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