rise and fall of the akkadian empire

Once again, this aspect is regarded as mythology, however in The Wars Of Gods and Men, Zechariah Sitchin suggests that the Sumerian Texts on this score should not be treated as mythology, but rather that they record actual events that were noted by the Sumerians. He claimed to have run from Ur to Nippur and back (a distance greater than a marathon) and swam the Euphrates. 0 Unfortunately, many of these tablets have come from illicit excavations. /Pages obj F��:�{JK-�*��%IHig5w�u6T���f�q�t0]��_#�=`�i,�s�y��Q�#������U6k1��}� �%Q�ˮ,��� After gaining the King’s trust and serving in his Army, Sargon of Akkad succesfully overthrew Ur Zababa, the Ruler of Kish,  whereafter he initiated the expansion of his Empire by invading the Canaanite regions as well as Syria bringing them all under his rule. /Type << << The Akkadian empire first started its decline when there were many rebellions and attacks against the empire. Commoners apparently owned their land as member of a family or clan, rather than as individuals, and hereditary land could be bought and sold only by certain family members. /Length And at about the same time as references to the Gutians appear, texts also mention a West Semitic people, the Martu, or Amorites. 720 1 R /Contents 7 Sargon and the Akkadian Dynasty: circa 2350-2200. Throughout his reign, Sargon of Akkad referred to himself as the appointed servant of the supreme diety Anu and his Son Enlil. /Page Most famous are the magnificent bronze head, probably of Naram Sin, and the Stele of Naram Sin, showing the king wearing the horned crown of divinity, conquering the Lullubi barbarians. 0 /CS endobj Some members of the King-List, mythological figures such Gilgamesh (who is said to have reigned a thousand years), are fictitious. 7 The Akkadian dynasty, which conquered and unified Sumer with the Akkad people from the North, was founded by Sargon, a charismatic figure of mythological dimensions. /Length >> With the conquest of Mari and Ebla, the Empire covered all the lands between the Upper and Lower Seas, enjoying a period of great prosperity based on strenghtening the Agricultural Economy and the extension of Trade links. Another famous piece is the Basetki statue, a life sized copper statue of a seated man (all that survives is the lower section). << Sumer was once again a collection of independent city-states. (�� G o o g l e) This ruler’s governor at the city of Ur, known as Ur Nammu, assumed power as king of Ur and established the Ur III dynasty, which ruled for more than a century. 10 The fall of the Akkadian Empire established by Sargon I seems to have been as sudden as its rise, and little is known about the Guti in the period between the fall of Akkad (2083 BC) and the Sumerian Revival (2050 BC). By the time the Elamites conquered Ur and took its luckless king, Ibbi Sin, away in chains, circa 2000 BC, the empire was merely a shell. 0 The only exception was Nippur, which housed the temple of Enlil, the paramount god of the pantheon, and thus was treated as a kind of national shrine. How did it end? /Filter /Names 1 << Both of Sargon’s sons appeared to have been killed after brief reigns in palace rebellions. The mythological explanation for the collapse was hubris, the pride of Naram Sin which drew the wrath of the gods. obj >> He also embarked on an ambitious building program, particularly at Ur, where he built the still-famous Ziggurat as the core of a sacred precinct, dedicated to the moon god Nanna, Ur’s tutelary deity. The Akkadian period is distinguished by outstanding artwork of exceptional realism in metal and stone statuary and relief sculpture, and in glyptic (cylinder seal) art. Another striking feature to keep in mind is just how small the area of Sumer actually was: about the size of Northern Ireland, with few natural boundaries between the various city-states. /D Excavation has yielded evidence of differing rulers and cities. A series of conflicts between the Amorites and the Assyrians followed the end of the Akkadian Empire giving rise to the powerful city state of Babylon. We do not know if the fabulous artifacts and high culture discovered at the Royal Tombs was unique to Ur. The Ur III dynasty is best known for the tremendous quantity of clay tablets, numbering in the tens of thousands, produced by the careful record keeping of the bureaucratic administration. View entire discussion ( 4 comments) More posts from the collapse community. endobj /Contents He came up with the idea that a man's sons should inherit his kingdom. For example, there seems to have been an early period of domination by the city of Kish, and the title ”King of Kish” was assumed by some later kings to indicate control over all of Sumer. /Type >> 16 /S /Group Under the patronage of the God Ishtar, Sargon of Akkad’s conquests resulted in the creation of the world’s first Empire that reached as far as the Meditteranean Sea to cover the entire region known as Upper Mesopotamia. [ There were many good roads built between the major cities. /Page They also made their daughters high priestesses over the major gods. 2 Naram Sin was the first King-Priest to be declared divine, marking a shift away from the previous attitude that Kings were simply representatives of the Gods. 0 << << << obj He defeated the armies of Sumer in two battles and captured Lugalzagesi, the Sumerian king who had united (or conquered) all of Sumer and earned the title of “King of Kish”. His 56-year reign included numerous battles to subdue the Sumerian city-states and many further conquests including Mari and Ebla in Syria and forays into the Ammanus and Taurus mountains, establishing what some historian call the first empire.

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