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This appeared to work with some of the guests, since comments like “I didn’t know there was so much variety in mollusks and pearls” and “I think I need to check out what GIA offers in the way of pearl courses” were overheard during the post-talk hands-on showing of various mollusks and pearl samples that were brought along to further educate the attendees. For programs, this is the date posted.). Problem-solving treatment: Participants learn to understand the link between unsolved problems and depression and to apply a seven-step approach to solving their problems. The views, opinions, and content expressed in this product do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of CMHS, SAMHSA, or HHS. Objective 8.3: Promote timely access to assessment, intervention, and effective care for individuals with a heightened risk for suicide. Photo by Lhapsin Nillapat/GIA. Since 2000, our academic-community partnerships have conducted: An Evidence-Based Treatment for Depression in Older Persons. PEARLS was one of the founding members of EBLC in 2011 and is working together with local, state, and national partners to reach diverse populations with programs that work to improve their health and wellbeing. Pleasant activity scheduling: Participants identify and participate in activities they find pleasurable. It is a resource to help one select interventions to improve health and prevent disease in their state, community, community organization, business, healthcare organization, or school. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is the Nation’s lead Federal agency for research on healthcare quality, costs, outcomes, and patient safety. By closing this banner or using this site you agree to our revised Privacy Notice, Terms of Service and Cookie Policy. The Evidence-Based Leadership Council (EBLC) represents nationally recognized evidence-based programs (EBP) and leaders from community-based organizations that provide multiple EBPs. How will I collect data? The University of Washington’s Health Promotion Research Center will conduct two evaluations to expand the evidence-base for the Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS). “It is always rewarding to see participants benefit in even the slightest way from such events,” Sturman said. PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives) is a treatment program designed to reduce symptoms of depression and improve quality of life among older adults 1 … Check out the PEARLS training page for more information about options for training. All PEARLS students are required to take part in the corresponding courses, training, and formation activities targeted to their cohort and responding to program questionnaires and surveys. AHRQ added PEARLS to their innovation profiles in 2009. His goal was to encourage attendees to think more deeply about pearls. View the PEARLS Program listing on the NREPP site. Clinical supervision provides ongoing training and support for PEARLS providers. How will I recruit new clients for PEARLS? This issue brief includes PEARLS and other evidence-based programs that have been successfully replicated in other communities. The CDC seeks to increase awareness that depression is a public health issue and can be effectively addressed through community-based programs. How will I screen for depression? Supervision is typically provided in a group format, in-person or by phone, and occurs 1-2 times a month for 1-2 hours, depending on the number of counselors and clients. In 2008, The CPSTF recommended home-based depression care management programs like PEARLS for older adults with depression based on strong evidence of effectiveness in improving short-term depression outcomes. Study aim: To determine the effectiveness of PEARLS as a treatment approach for managing minor depression or dysthymia in older adults living with social isolation, multiple chronic medical problems and physical impairment. Visit the PEARLS Training page for training options and costs. These findings persisted both 6 and 12 months following the PEARLS intervention period. Evidence-based programs are programs that have been rigorously tested in controlled settings, proven effective in multiple settings, and translated into practical models that can be delivered in community and clinical settings outside of the research study.

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