modern window coverings for large windows

Vertical blinds or panel track sliding blinds usually works best on wide windows, and add height and formality to any room. When not writing, she loves playing with her dog and toddler. These beautiful, whimsical curtains add a lot of flow and texture to a room without adding a huge expense. Is It Easy To Make Homemade Cornice Window Treatments? Burlap will go well with your theme if you’re looking for something rustic or vintage. Roller shades are the modern window coverings for large windows to choose in such scenario. These fun strings add some pop, sparkle, and color, depending on the style you choose. Want to check an order? Go with flowers, butterflies, trees, leaves, or just about any kind of pattern you love and will fit in with the decor style/color scheme of your room. However, if you are looking for more decoration ideas then you can give ZebraBlinds a call at 1-866-881-8682 to discuss your expectations with our experts. Shutters are typically associated with older, traditional houses, but modern shutters do exist, and they can look amazing. While they may be meant for the kitchen, they can also be installed on the bedroom window (especially on multistory buildings), as long as you have several layers or an opaque under layer. In fact, you can use bright colors even if your room isn’t entirely made up of one color. Find the feature that suit your style, family and home. If you want a rich and luxurious feel, drape your windows with rich, satiny damask. Instead of having different curtain rods (and thus different sets of curtains), use one curtain rod for the entire window area. This will reveal the bottom layer and will make the windows look even more beautiful. Find my order. If your room is entirely white, your curtains will give you a good option to add that much needed accent in the room. Due to the lift mechanism, it becomes easier to lower as well as raise the window coverings evenly. According to Feng Shui, combining bamboo with natural fabrics such as linen or cotton contributes to healthy energy. But, imagine soft, breezy white curtains draped at either end. Otherwise, curtains are safe for little kids’ rooms. Or, if you want fringe curtains and also want to avoid the sun, you can use dark glass panes on the windows. Shop today at ZebraBlinds and get the best deals online for your window treatments. They’re great for living room, game rooms, entertainment rooms, or, well, just about any space that’s casual and cozy and needs a pop of fun. If you’re planning to get curtains for your child’s room, cartoon prints would be a great idea. While fringe curtains are generally simple, you can get stylish ones as well. You can paint burlap or even do embroidery on it. They are available in a number of colors to go with the theme of your room. If you want to make the windows look larger than normal, you can use this trick and your door will also look like a part of a large window. This also means that you no longer have to feel concerned about one side raising or lowering faster as compared to the other side. For a warm, inviting look to a room, install velvet curtains for wide windows. If you're looking to cover a large picture window or glass doors, we've got a collection of products that will do just that and can be customized to fit your space and your style.. These can be up to 12 feet long and 12 feet wide, customized in increments of around 1/8 inch, making them suitable for such large windows. If you’re a theater buff and adore that rich, elegant look of the Main Curtain, but don’t want anything quite so heavy – or expensive – as all that, you can find some curtains that allude to the theater. Check out these fringe valances that add a lot of aesthetic value to your windows. They are elegant and fit to be used in a queen’s room. What Type of Window Coverings Are Right For Large Windows? Plus, it’s cheap, which means you’ll not just get a different look but you’ll also save money on it. All Rights Reserved. You will also have to check how easy it would be to clean your large window blinds at the time of making the selection. If you want curtains for your child’s room or your own activity room, bright colors would be the best choice. They offer more sunlight and make the house airier. Depending on your needs, you can get the right kind of Reyna curtains to add grace to your room. More fun curtain ideas for big windows include the burlap curtain for a trustic, homey look. They add a true richness unlike any other material. This ensures that you get an almost unobstructed view of the outside scenery from your windows. Vertical vinyl blinds are easy to rinse outside using cool water in case they get quite dirty. Plus, bamboo gives an old school kind of feeling that’s very Zen and peaceful. Looking for protection against sunlight and moisture, or buying child-safe shades for your new nursery? While there are simple ones as well, valances are commonly used when you don’t want things to be plain and minimal. You may be more interested in keeping the decoration in the living room simple, and accordingly, want to hang colored fabric blinds or add white vertical blinds for your large and tall bay window. And the best part is that you don’t always have to keep it simple. Apart from writing, she also loves scrolling through Reddit threads and laughing at memes. A valance will add style and glamor to otherwise plain curtains. However, keep in mind that fringe curtains are only there to provide good looks. These would be perfect for a living room, or a sun room – especially if you enjoy hosting tea parties or dainty entertainments. Sep 10, 2018 - Explore Blindsgalore's board "Large Windows", followed by 12449 people on Pinterest. These simple bamboo blinds are absolutely gorgeous as is, as the photo testifies. Mixing and Matching Different Types of Window Shades, Why Large Windows in Your Home Are Not Always A Good Idea, Creating The Ideal Sleeping Conditions For Kids With Smart Window Treatments, Know Before You Buy: Pros and Cons of Honeycomb Blinds, 5 Shades that Provide 100% Blackout through Their Material. From bright colored paintings on the wall to the vivid flowers in the vase, bright colors add energy to a room. This is a pretty minimalist look and is ideal for people who like simple things. Roller shades are the modern window coverings for large windows to choose in such scenario. The good thing about hardware for roller shades is that its hardware is minimal and sleek, which makes it possible to line up multiple shades without looking messy or bulky. If you want more light to come in while the roller shades are closed, what you can do is choose shades that provide greater transparency, allowing natural light to come in through the fabric and retaining more of your view. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy vertical blinds, then search for ones which can be easily removed and wiped when required. We've got the perfect product for you. About Blinds & Shades for Large Windows. Your email address will not be published. Reyna window curtains look beautiful and regal. While there are simple ones as well, valances are commonly used when you don’t want things to be plain and minimal. However, you do have to keep note of the fact that there are some special considerations to keep note of when you have large windows, and by taking care of those considerations you will be able to achieve your desired results. To complete the look of your fun, colorful, Boho room, add some colorful bean bag chairs, some hanging lamps, and maybe even a macrame plant hanger or two. Let us look at some ideas for window coverings for large windows for your living room-, Select Window Treatment Options that will not be Damaged by Light. She’s a typical millennial, just not the Tide Pod eating kind. We offer a wide range of colors, fabrics and styles to suit you, your home's needs and your budget. A valance will add style and glamor to otherwise plain curtains. And the best part is that velvet curtains are available in practically all colors, making them one of the best choices for your room. Your email address will not be published. Similarly, you can match dark curtains with aluminum blinds to achieve a very modern look. If, however, you’re more eclectic in colors, be sure to choose a bright shade that not only emphasizes your taste but also helps to keep the room in tune with itself. They have lovely frills on the borders that give them a unique look. Panel Track Blinds Panel track blinds work especially well with a contemporary home due to their lean lines and their ability to cover large, modern windows. Shop our collection of Custom Blinds & Shades perfect for large windows. Since the rod won’t be able to bear all that weight, it’s important to add support in the middle – or even in two places. You can use a simple set like this – elegant and solid color – or go for something bolder like a brocade or damask. If you want to add some delicate flair, try some ruffled large window curtains. You can get sheer curtains in printed varieties too, like these gorgeous red floral curtains. This will be particularly important if you have chosen faux wood or wooden blinds as they tend to draw a lot of dust and dirt towards them.

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