little andaman tribes

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in the Indian Ocean, are a union territory of India. The farmers called them “thieving savages” who stole their crops and animals, and the farmers hunted them down with dogs and shot them, to drive them away. They are probably ancestors of the dark skinned peoples of Southern India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, The East Indies, and even the Australian Aborigines. They are pygmies, divided into ten major tribes. But after the coming of the British, things changed. Looking at them, it seems as if they are still caught up in primitive times and there, in that dimension of time, lies their unique world undisturbed by modern times. They were probably the dominate culture of many of these area, until once again, invaders from the north over ran and absorbed them, killed them, or pushed them off the mainland, and off the most desirable islands. They were already living here by the time the Nicobarese arrived here. This establishes them as ancient Africans, not modern Africans among whom a different Mitochondrial linage called “L” is dominant… Genetic analysis of the “Y” chromosome, which is passed down through the Men and often gives a more detailed picture of genetic history than the Mitochonrial DNA, showed that the Jarawa carry a special change or mutation in the DNA of their “Y” chromosome that is thought to be indicative of the paleolithic (old stone age) population of Asia, the “hunters and gatherers” who preceded the first human settlements. They belong to the Negrito racial stock and they have been mainly seen near the Dugong creek in Little Andaman. Onge woman and child. As such, Andamanese are no longer a nomadic tribe. They have been dwelling in the forests and jungles of the islands for centuries, lead a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and appear to have lived in substantial isolation for thousands of years. Much of their tribal and linguistic distinctions had faded off, and they emerged as a single tribe. The Australian Aborigines are said to have arrived in Australia at least 60,000 to 100,000 years ago or more, and could have only arrived by boat, as there was never a land bridge they could have crossed. Sentinelese, both men and women do not wear cloths. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments This tribe has lived in the southeast part of Andaman but after the British regime they shifted to the western region of the island. The Negritos still exist on many islands in Southeast Asia. The Nicobarese women take care of the households and also farming. The Administration has provided  houses and raised Coconut Plantation for the upliftment of Andamanese. But there is no restriction as such to creativity. Enquiries into ways of controlling this addiction are taking place. They now live in a reserve in Dugong Creek that is a fraction of the size of their original territory. The Shompen tribe is the first tribe that had arrived in the Nicobar Islands. It is a technology of a sort that was in use in tropical areas around the world 40,000 or more years ago. The archipelago consists of 204 islands (38 of which are inhabited) between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, about 200 km south of Myanmar (Burma). Since contact occurred over 100 years ago, the Onge’s population has plummeted, along with their health and wellbeing. The same thing happened to their “relatives”, the Bushmen or Pygmies of South Arfica. According to them, after a man dies his spirit leaves the body and becomes a ghost. They make bows and arrows, canoes, simple stone tools, and various types of baskets with high utilitarian and aesthetic value. Although they have a different language, their physical characteristics are just the same as the other Negrito tribes of the Andaman Islands. But on some islands, the Negritos retreated to remote valleys, and mountain refuges, where they lingered on, out of sight of the “big people”. The pure Great Andamanese are extinct now and admixed individuals belonging to the tribe are known to be alive. Their approximate population of the tribe was estimated to be around 300 in 2001. hi!,I love your writing so a lot! However they made another attempt to capture Port Blair in 1858 and succeeded, only to be met by the soldiers of the great Andamanese tribe in 1859. The men and women seem to be equally placed in society, and the women have a lot of liberty too. Today only two tribes (Jeru and Bo) remain in significant number; the other 8 have been mostly extinct.

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