ir verbs in french

They’re the real fun ones. Think of the English imperative: “Sit down!” “Make me coffee!” “Leave!”. (The organization of the party reunites the family members. So then, all together now with our example bâtir! Note, however, a major difference in the compound tenses: Venir and most of its derivatives use être as their auxiliary verb, while tenir and its derivatives use avoir. Whatever your cup of tea may be. The following tables give you an example of the short -ir conjugation, next to a regular -ir verb conjugation so you can clearly see the missing -iss in the plural . Remember the extra syllable in the nous and vous forms. The infinitive (the un-conjugated verb) doesn’t do you much good. Can’t do too much with all of the information I’ve just laid down without a few words to start with. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Je remplis Tu remplis Il/Elle remplit Nous remplissons Vous remplissez Ils/Elles remplissent, L’organisation de la fête réunit les membres de la famille. Chaque vendredi, nous remplissons la piscine avec de la gélatine. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. However, it cannot be conjugated in this pattern because it is an irregular verb. The second group of regular verbs in French are the IR verbs, which have the following endings: -is, -is, -it, -issons, -issez and -issent. I like to call the imperative mood the “bossy pants mood,” because it’s used to give commands to people. Please check your email for further instructions. Discover the regular French IR verbs, also known as the 2nd verb group. Several hundred verbs that end in -ir follow this pattern, but many others ( acquérir, courir, partir, avoir, etc) are irregular -ir verbs. Sign Up For A FREE Trial French Lesson On Skype And Get Instant Access To My French Pronunciation Crash Course. ), Je vieillis Tu vieillis Il/Elle vieillit Nous vieillissons Vous vieillissez Ils/Elles vieillissent. ), Je punis Tu punis Il/Elle punit Nous punissons Vous punissez Ils/Elles punissent, Réfléchis ! Below, see the present tense conjugation of the model verb partir and an example using dormir ("to sleep"). It’s the same idea, but with different conjugations depending on who you’re talking to: Notice that they’re the same as the present tense. Or not. Certain features such as audio, Now this one really is the easiest to conjugate (I’m not just saying that so you’ll keep reading!). So today I’m going to break down one entire group of French verbs for you: regular -ir verbs. Luckily, most are among the most frequently used French verbs, so memorizing their conjugations is completely worth the trouble. (That’s the goal here, right? Since the perfect tense is a compound tense—first made up of avoir or être conjugated to the subject in the present tense, plus what we like to call the “past participle,”—it’s important to know both how to conjugate avoir and être, as well as what the past participles are for each verb. directly cost us money and so are disabled for ad block users. Alternatively you can become a supporter and remove the ads completely. How to Conjugate Irregular –ir French Verbs, How to Form a Question in French Using Inversion, How to Use French Indirect Object Pronouns. Mix it all together with our stem grossiss-, and you get: Je grossissais (I was putting on weight) Tu grossissais (You were putting on weight) Il/Elle grossissait (He/She was putting on weight) Nous grossissions (We were putting on weight) Vous grossissiez (You were putting on weight) Ils/Elles grossissaient (They were putting on weight). What makes them regular? In fact, it doesn’t matter if the verb in question is a regular -ir verb or regular -er verb, it’s the same method: Let’s use maigrir (to lose weight) as an example: To find the stem, you do nothing. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Verbs Ending in '-llir,' '-frir,' and '-vrir', Simple Conjugations for the French Verb, 'Ouvrir,' Meaning 'to Open', How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Soutenir' ('to Support'), How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Dormir', How to Conjugate the Irregular French '-ir' Verb 'Offir', How to Conjugate the French Irregular Verb 'Souffrir' ('to Suffer'), All About 'Dormir,' an Irregular French Verb Like 'Partir,' 'Sortir', Conjugating Regular French Verbs in the Subjunctive, Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Servir', Conjugating the Irregular French Verb 'Devenir' (to Become), How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb "Haïr", How to Conjugate the French Verb 'Craindre' ('to Fear'), How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Mourir' ('To Die'), How to Conjugate the French Verb 'Savoir' ('to Know'), How to Conjugate the French Verb 'Peindre' ('to Paint').

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