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Trade would have been facilitated by a major advance in transport technology. Clearly, the Indus civilization scribes committed most of their writing to perishable materials which have not survived. Rapid changes in types of pottery suggest a series of migrations into the region, which may have been highly disruptive for the Indus Valley cities. They lived with others of the same occupation in well-defined neighbourhoods. Many seals also show animals presented in a format reminiscent of later Hindu gods such as Shiva and Indra. These clearly placed a high priority on accessibility to water. Indus Valley sites have been found most often on rivers, but also on the ancient seacoast, for example, Balakot, and on islands, for example, Dholavira. Was it ruled by priests or warriors? Was it a unified state – or was it numerous kingdoms and city-states? The shaded area does not include recent excavations such as Rupar, Balakot, Shortughai in Afghanistan, Manda in Jammu, etc. The remains of the Indus Valley Civilization cities indicate remarkable organization; there were well-ordered wastewater drainage and trash collection systems, and possibly even public granaries and baths. Our mission is to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide. The earliest of these had no pottery (to use the jargon, theirs was an aceramic culture); but by c. 5000 BCE they made pottery, as well as shell- and stone artefacts, There is evidence of trade links with peoples to north, south and west. The fact that the Indus civilization was located on a floodplain meant that there was poor availability of raw materials resources nearby. Numerous educational institutions recommend us, including Oxford University and Michigan State University and University of Missouri. Trade routes linked urban centres with their hinterlands, sources of materials such as lapis Lazuli, carnelian, steatite, tin, copper and gold. We are a non-profit organization. The weights were in a perfect ratio of 5:2:1, on a scale very similar to the English Imperial ounce or Greek uncia. This map shows a cluster of Indus Valley Civilization cities and excavation sites along the course of the Indus River in Pakistan. Reproduced under Creative Commons 3.0. Shifts in the monsoon pattern and changes in temperature may have begun to transform the region into the arid steppe that it has remained for most of recorded history. Trade was very important. "Map of the Indus Valley Civilization." It looks as though hunter-gatherers already established in the region either developed farming practices completely independently from those in the Middle East, or at the least adapted the “package” to the extent of domesticating local animals rather than using alien species. It seems therefore that farming was not simply brought in to South Asia by colonists from further west, bringing with them their “package” of crops and animals. By the start of the 4th millennium farming communities dotted the flood plain of the river Indus; and from the mid-4th millennium, proto-urban settlements had appeared which shared traits which would later appear in Indus Valley cities: rigid city planning, massive brick walls and bull motifs in their art. All kinds of artefacts have been found in the Indus Valley cities: seals, glazed beads, pottery, gold jewellery, and anatomically detailed figurines in terra-cotta, bronze, and soapstone. Whatever the explanation, the brilliant achievements of the Indus Valley civilization gave way to a new chapter in the history of ancient India. Their smallest division, which is marked on an ivory scale found in Lothal, was approximately 1.704 mm, the smallest division ever recorded on a scale of the Bronze Age. The Indus Valley is contemporary with the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. The Indus Valley civilization of ancient India was one of the earliest civilizations in world history. The Indus Valley civilization may have been the first in world history to use wheeled transport.

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