how to get rid of cigar beetles

All you need to d is simply place all of your cigars into a bag that can be frozen. This includes cigars and chewing tobacco as well as cigarettes. To do treat your stash, remove all cigars from your humidor and place them in Ziploc Baggies; double bag them to avoid freezer burn. You want to make sure that your cigars have a secure vapor barrier. By doing so, wrap the freezer bg in plastic freezer wrapping. Cold kills beetles and their larvae. Make sure you treat all your cigars, because if you have one damaged cigar, you have to assume that they are all at risk. If you do think your cigars have fallen prey to … The ammonia solution will evaporate and will not have an affect on the cigars but will assist in killing off any beetles that may have been missed. Always use distilled water when cleaning the inside of your humidor, and make sure that you check every crack, crevice, and corner of your unit for signs of these creatures. Leave them in the fridge for another full day. This is imperative to get rid of cigarette beetles, or else you’re just feeding them what they’re known for and you’ll have a colony to deal with. Then double bag using another ziplock bag. Diligence and care are the name of the game. Vacuum and clean up your house also. Be sure to seal the bags tightly so that any beetles or larvae can’t escape. Next, dampen a cloth with a weak solution of ammonia and distilled water and wipe down the interior. If the cigars are still in their box, put the whole box into the freezer. Place bags in the fridge for 24 hours, then move to the freezer and leave them there for three days. Having a tight seal is critical to avoiding issues with freezer burn. Cigarette Beetles infestations and How to get rid of Cigarette Beetles, sources of infestation of Cigarette Beetles and control cigarette beetles. Clean up your household. Put all the cigars from an infected humidor into a Ziploc bag and place them in your freezer for three days. Avoid at all costs. Here’s the method to protect your cigars from tobacco beetles: Place all of the cigars that you want to treat in a ziplock bag. Dispose of ashtrays right away and wash them after each use. After 3 days, move your ziplock bags into the refrigerator. Contact Us Email or Call 1-800-476-3368; Cigarette Beetles . First, wipe down the interior with a clean cloth to remove any remaining cigar particles or dust. How to avoid or get rid of cigar beetles? Leave them in the freezer for 3 days. Start by taking out your cigars, placing them in plastic Ziploc baggies, and storing them in the freezer. Cigar beetles and their larvae cannot survive in freezing temperatures. It’s recommended it be ziplocked. Crack the lid on your humidor a couple times a week and look at your cigars. Rotate them while keeping an eye out for any signs of holes or white particles.

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