how to clean guitar fretboard at home

(available from Amazon here), Music Nomad Fretboard Oil Cleaner and Conditioner As you play, sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells will come into contact with the wood of the fretboard. If corrosion has begun, you will need to remove the tuners. As a keyboard, the fretboard is in constant contact with fingers and builds up a lot of sweat and dust on this position. Fix the strings properly and adjust the tune and then put it back in its case after use. Important – only use 0000 steel wool. Here’s the bridge on my Taylor after conditioning: Obviously, the above only works for a wooden bridge. Over time, this can impact their function. Over time they build up and create thicker wads of gunk. Is this something you can do yourself? A clean guitar will last longer, need fewer repairs, and honestly, will sound better. Clean off the lifted dirt and excess conditioner with the soft cloth or towel. When you're playing the guitar, the sweat from your hand can accumulate on the fretboard. The fretboard is the one wooden part of any guitar that is most in need of keeping clean. Don’t let your ignorance waste your instrument investment. These flakes are dead skin. Hence, you need to slack or remove the strings to do the deep cleaning for both the neck and body of the guitar. Clean the space between the frets thoroughly. Clean the bridge using a toothbrush and conditioner as described above for the fretboard. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to clean up the loose gunk and any excess conditioner. Guitar repairmen and luthiers do it all the time. A flannel cloth would be great. 3. So far the instrument is in its good working condition, most people would neglect the proper act of maintaining the guitar. Your email address will not be published. The fretboard, being made of wood, is sensitive to different types of chemicals. Here’s a link to a recent blog with the arguments, both pro and con, for removing all the strings at one time. Now, on to cleaning…, The fretboard is the one wooden part of any guitar that is most in need of keeping clean. It prevents damages to the frets and fretboard. Don't leave any excess stuff on there. So, remove the strings. Be sure to work both sides of the fret wire. Getting it done. You can soak this cloth in warm water; then, wring out the cloth. Microfiber cleaning cloth – Many companies make a cleaning cloth suitable for guitars, including Gibson, Planet Waves, Fender, Dunlop, Music Nomad, Ernie Ball, and Cordoba. Which means, you treat them differently. I don’t recommend using a microfiber cloth for this, particularly if the fretboard is quite dirty. I don’t trust any possible residues from toothpaste or your saliva. First off, to clean your fret board, you will need a few tools. These include: You need to clean your guitar fretboard when its color starts to fade randomly or when you notice some amount of dirt or stain in the area around your most frequently used frets. Just place the cover over each fret, making sure no wood is exposed, then polish the fret. Planet Waves Fret Polishing System I prefer to use a toothbrush with soft bristles, but make sure it is brand new. It makes playing the guitar and moving along the fretboard much more comfortable. But not every guitarist pays much attention to this. It is to break up oils which tend to stick to the fretboard for a long time. Next, take another fabric without oil to do the final clean. When this happens, the frets can loosen, resulting in some expensive repairs. Today, I am a blogger who likes to educate my audience more about sound technology.

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