history of street skateboarding

One benefit of skateboarding is that it is a very individual activity. With the mainstream media turning a blind eye to skateboarding, skateboarders were given the chance to document their own culture through their own lens. What do you do when the sun is already setting but you're itching to skate? Stockwell Skatepark[39] in the borough of Lambeth in South London, Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, California, David Armstrong Extreme Park near downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Pedlow Skate Park in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, Alamosa Skatepark in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Today, Street League and the X-Games draw the largest crowds in years. This, combined with fewer people coming to skateparks, forced many to close. Before the end of the decade, skateparks began to appear throughout North and South America, and soon after in the countries of Europe and Asia. The contemporary shape of the skateboard is derived from the freestyle boards of the 1980s with a largely symmetrical shape and relatively narrow width. Fully built setups are available to buy at Skate Shops and often provide excellent value for riders new to skateboarding. Often skateboards are covered in graphics which make them prominent works of art and as such; pristine condition examples can become highly sought after collectors items, especially if the graphic is of cultural significance and/or was created by a prominent internationally known professional Artist.[35]. Go Skateboarding Day was instituted in 2004 by a group of skateboarding companies to promote skateboarding and help make it more noticeable to the world. While the general popularity of the sport declined, those who remained honed and sharpened the sport for its rebirth…With the emergence of the “Punk” scene in the 1990’s, it seemed skateboarding had found its perfect niche. Skateparks are now found on every major continent of the World with countless clips filmed and posted to social media everyday. And yet, throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s there remained athletes faithful to the shred. Discussing technique, studying video footage and also watching other skaters and how they skate are important points of reference for any skateboarder when learning tricks.[15]. ", Graphics and decals are a very important personal preference when choosing a skateboard deck. At the end of the 1980s skateboarding took yet another dive in popularity when vert skateboarding became far less popular than street skateboarding. It's impossible to choose one. Nevertheless, the 1990's were marked by the street skateboarding which by this time became a cultural movement, often followed by punk, metal and hip-hop lifestyle. The industry has since gone full circle, with many grass root companies founded in the 1990s now sold to venture capitalist groups and enterprises. Skateparks pop up everywhere and skateboarding video games lets every kid be a skater. Truck widths do not commonly exceed deck width, as to avoid injury from protruding axle rods whilst the skateboard is spinning during tricks. When the new wheel was released in 1972, the popularity of skateboarding began increasing again. They rode their boards like no one had in the public eye, low and smooth, and skateboarding was taken from being a hobby to something serious and exciting. They brought a new style of skateboarding to the sport. That my friends are the history of skateboarding, now go skate. Tons of companies emerge and become more and more acceptable in society. It’s no secret that this became a problem for local construction companies when they started to notice their lumber was disappearing. Panam Sports announced that skateboarding was removed from the sports program because World Skate could not guarantee that the best possible athletes would be in attendance. If you’re a skater, you’ve probably got a smartphone, and the typical apps installed: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat… all the usual apps for skating are great. During the '80s, smaller skateboard companies owned by skateboarders started cropping up. 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Trick variation forms part of the journey onto a path of progression which a skateboarder may choose whilst they are learning new tricks. The popularity of skateboarding dropped and remained low until the early 1970s. No one knows who made the first board either — it seems that many people had similar ideas around the same time. Instead of drained swimming pools and riding purpose-built skateparks, Skateboarders began to utilise urban areas and public spaces. Lauren's always down to skate and has fun doing it. Stickers are an important promotional tool in the skate industry and are often given out for free at competitions or events. Skate parks have reopened and are now more widely available than ever. 17 years after stomping the world's first 900, Tony Hawk shows us he's hardly lost a step. The first street-only skateboarders Natas Kaupas and Mark ‘the Gonz’ Gonzales raised the bar once again by boardsliding the first handrails. But skaters kept skating. The new wheel, replacing the clunky clay wheels of the 1950 and 1960s, gripped the asphalt and pool walls like cleats to the grass. By 1963 Skateboarding was all the rage. Privacy Policy But when the waves don't cooperate, why not surf the streets?! Because of this, by 1992, the sport had declined in popularity again and lacked the mainstream appeal to attract new skaters.

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