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There is much controversy surrounding this fad diet. endobj Diamond strongly believed in this. . If you live in a relatively low crime area and the risk is small, the driver will usually leave the package at your door or other safe area, but is solely up to the FedEx driver's discretion whether or not to require a signature. Or Mail your completed order receipt after entering your order using our online shopping system along with check or money order to: Money Order - The money order must be in U.S. funds. Leave the "Country" as United States. It will do... $ 27.95 We report the exact amount of the sale on the Customs form. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 4>> 16 0 obj 10 0 obj VP Nutrition will then either issue you credit or send replacements for the amount of any confirmed damaged or missing merchandise. Indigestion – Weight gain – Fatigue. Although the concept itself was around for decades, the Fit for Life … Fruit makes an awesome breakfast and an energetic start to the day. who never get sick, then proper food combining is crucial. Properly combining foods has become one of the simplest and most effective ways to streamline digestion, which in turn alleviates many digestive ailments while dramatically increasing one's energy. FIT FOR LIFE-THE DIAMOND METHOD ... combining food properly; consuming fruit correctly. , >. <> All costs are estimated by the weight and dimension of the package. Do not eat fruit with any other foods. DiamondZyme - Fit For Life Live Plant Digestive Enzymes DiamondZyme Plus has been formulated to address the more serious issues some of our clients are dealing with. Instead, food combining rules simply recommend the order in which you eat specific nutrients, to help you better digest and absorb the foods you eat. Check with your Customs office. We do NOT request or require a signature for FedEx deliveries, but we cannot force the driver to leave the package if no one is home. We ship most orders within 5 business days. endobj We do not guarantee your order will go out the same day you order. RULES FOR COMBINING FOOD Eat fruit by itself! As long as the following conditions are met, we process the order immediately upon receiving your check. endobj If you can not find what you're looking for, contact us. ",#(7),01444'9=82. Powered by Shopify, DiamondZyme Plus 90 or 240 (Powerful Digestive Support), Life Magnesium 120 Magnesium 125mg (lysyl glycinate chelate & di-mag malate), LifeMax B 2oz B Complex Probiotic Generated. <> 8 0 obj For military locations (APO/FPO), in addition to the delivery time that it takes us to get it to the APO or FPO (5 to 10 days), you will have to wait on the military then delivering the package to you. endobj endobj is high and of to EAT but not a at (3) fruit Don't —t fruits right a Note a body to do with of it£lf_ aOdic, the a Concentrated proteins digestion a FOOD CATEGORIES Non-Starchy Vegetables. $.' . When checking out, we provide a secure SSL session to protect your privacy including credit card information. Do not include these days when estimating your expected delivery date. �E �= �= �= �; l �/ � �/ �E �= �; �E �= �= � , � �= �/ �/ ��L0�� . Concentrated means that the water content has been Or Call us toll free 1-877-335-1509 during 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Monday-Friday. 7 0 obj We are unable to speed up this process. Health for Women, . Unless specifically ordered, FedEx does not deliver on weekends or holidays. The FIT FOR LIFE FOOD COMBINING CHART remains one of Harvey's most popular and often requested products. Enter your order directly on the Internet. CLICK HERE For orders to the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 5>> Be sure store properly in a cool place. From outside of the US, you can reach us at 1-941-966-9727 or send us email at. A $20 fee will be charged for returned checks. We promptly reply to questions sent by email. Food Combining Chart for Complete and Efficient Digestion. Books, DVDs and CDs are not returnable for any reason. Our toll-free telephone line is for placing orders only. F z �/ �/ �/ �/ �/ ; ; ; �E �E �E �E �E �E �E $ {G R �I | �E � �; A: � ; �; �; �E �/ �/ � You will be presented with your USPS shipping charge in your shopping cart or upon checkout. Box addresses accepted. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all returns. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 1>> P o o r . endobj Jun 17, 2015 - Fit For Life Food Combining Chart for complete and efficient digestion. 12 0 obj The FIT FOR LIFE FOOD COMBINING CHART remains one of Harvey's most popular and often requested products. 5 0 obj Even someone completely unfamiliar with Proper Food Combining would be able to easily understand and use this chart. On the rare occasion that we may ship you an item other than what you ordered, do not open the product or it will void your right to return it. When indicating your shipping address, "APO" or "FPO" will be your "City"; "AA", "AE" or "AP" will be your "State" and your Zip Code will begin with either 09, 34, or 96. Although the concept itself was around for decades, the Fit for Life book by Harvey Diamond served to popularize it. Paper Checks - We use the TeleCheck Check Guarantee service so there is no hold time for checks to clear. 11 0 obj VP NUTRITION, $ 39.95 Because of... DiamondZyme - Fit For Life Live Plant Digestive Enzymes Enzymes are literally an indispensible key to life on Earth. 6 0 obj Merchandise must be returned at your expense in unopened and perfect condition in order to receive credit. Credit will be issued for unopened merchandise returned within 30 days of your receipt of shipment. Shipping labels are generated directly form the shipping information you have entered. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. . For shipments to all other countries, the following rules and restrictions apply: To place an order, choose one of the following methods: For detailed product information, please check our website first. <> <> Harvey has managed to take the multifaceted subject of food combining and distill it down into one extremely handy and easy to use chart. It is best to eat melons and sweet fruits separately. $ 34.95. endobj GREAT 0K PROTEIN Postal Service or Federal Express. No "starter" checks will be accepted. stream ��ࡱ� > �� � � ���� � � ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� @ �� bjbj)) (p Kz Kz �� �� �� � � � � Subscribe to our newsletter and always be the first to hear about what is happening. Please do not ask us to claim less than the actual sale amount. ���� JFIF � � �� C <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 6>> If you have specified an overnight, 2-day, or 3-day delivery and are placing your order after 1:00 pm EST, it is likely your order will be shipped the following business day.

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