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55. Journaling has several benefits for your overall health. It will save all your work and date it for you, so you never need to remember. You may also like formal writing examples & samples . Pretend you’re preparing for an exercise where each of you takes turns sitting in a chair while others each pay you a genuine and true compliment. Everyone has a limited amount of willpower, and dividing it among multiple new habits reduces your odds of success for all of them. One of my biggest problems, when I started journaling (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), was that I would spend too much time trying to find the perfect way to phrase what I wanted to write. How will this day get you closer to your vision for the future? Or maybe you want to start paying off your smallest debt more quickly. The first thing you think about is typically what’s most important to you at that moment. Just keep writing whatever comes to mind. Worst of all, you still probably won’t be completely satisfied with how you wrote your journal entry. Clever Fox Budget Planner – Expense Tracker Notebook. Now we all know that life happens from time to time, and you may miss a day. The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad: Generate & Capture Your Best Ideas. Journal about three bad habits you’d like to change. While it may seem like you are adding extra steps to your journaling, it actually helps you decide what to write about. My Daily Diary is a lightweight program that allows you to keep diaries. If you were Ernest Hemingway, your daily journal could look like this: Aphorism is a short form of text bringing to the reader one particular idea or just a key to that idea. Think of the last time someone did or said something that made you smile in gratitude or admiration. When I would feel sad, I might journal a bit about those feelings. This is a creative way to practice some self-love. Writing in your journal shouldn’t be a chore. When you run out of ideas, randomly select one of the questions to write about. “Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters.” ― Neil Gaiman. You’re not just blasting words onto the page as quickly as possible. So why would you censor what you write in your journal? It doesn't have to be cohesive or have a purpose. 59. Try them out and let us know what you think. Write a creative journal entry sketch of a character based on yourself — or on someone you know. Use this app to make your own personal diary of appointments, secrets & feelings. So, if this article will help you to thrive today and become the person you want to be, please bless another person today — or as many as you can. The best way to record those thoughts is to minimize distractions. In February, love is always in the air and you can write about your relationship goals. Then describe one or more of your favorite apps and how they help you every day. Be real with your thoughts, feelings and opinions. And what habits would you like to replace them with? If you cannot think of something better, then you still have a topic. Things You’re Looking Forward to Doing, 50. It doesn’t have to make sense. How did that make you feel? It might take you a while to make journaling stick, and that’s why it’s smart to use a multi-step process to turn it into a habit. Trust me when I tell you that it’s well worth the 5-, 10-, or 20-minute commitment. As you write, don’t worry about your grammar or spelling—no matter how good or bad they are. When was the last time you talked to them? When you write, there is a whole new world created in your head, and you bring all of your attention to develop it and make it almost real. Before you start writing, go to a quiet place and focus on your breath for a few minutes. Check out this list of 100 journaling questions and prompts to spark your creativity. Would you change your career, your home, your income…? Break Down Your Future Goals and Into Actionable Items, many benefits of journaling for my mental well-being, then check out this post where we review the 7 best journals to match. Deepen your relationship with God by writing down your prayers every day. Write down anything that comes to mind. You can stencil a picture that you want to create, and you can even color it in if you wish. Tuzech Handmade 100% Pure Leather Diary Leather Journal. You may consciously or sub-consciously avoid writing about certain topics for fear of what others could think. Free writing is without direction, structure or motive. Think past self vs. present self — or hurting self vs. compassionate caregiver self — or tempted self vs. powerful self.

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