compassion fatigue in the animal care community

Compassion Fatigue in the Animal-Care Community is a must-read for animal shelter employees, volunteers, and board members veterinarians, and veterinary practice and veterinary hospital staffs wildlife rehabilitators breed-rescue or equine-rescue volunteers. Feeling our own pain in response to their suffering, however, can be overwhelming. They need comfort, nurturing, understanding and rejuvenation to continue their work and to lead healthy lives. A recent review titled "Compassion Fatigue, Euthanasia Stress, and Their Management in Laboratory Animal Research" from Dr. Joseph Newsome & colleagues gives an excellent overview and proposed methods to alleviate compassion fatigue. | You are just as important as the animal and human clients you serve. Along with the rewards, there can be heartache in helping animals, deep wrenching heartache. EBOOKS They are invertebrates, not fish. Accessibility Statement, Privacy Chapter 1 - The Costs of Caring (43 KB), Download Click here for a detailed description of the class      Purchase On-Demand, This in-depth, yet shorter teleclass includes 2.5 hour of digital audio and 36 pages of handouts. "It made a difference for that one," she replied. My Account This teleclass focuses exclusively on dealing with the normal, albeit overhwhelming, feelings that are part of working to help the animals of the world. From the inception of the first workshop, several hundred hours have been devoted to her continuing education regarding state-of-the-art research and practice in the fields of traumatology, post-trauma stress, grief and compassion fatigue to insure that the most current and effective content is included in her workshops. These dedicated, strong, empathic and loving people need support. Products for Healing, Learning and Celebrating Animals, Pet Loss Grief Support: Comfort & Healing in Your Time of Grief, Activism, Prayer & Personal Choices for the Animals, Flower Essences to Support the Healing of Compassion Fatigue, Stopping the Tragedy of Shelter Euthanasia. And we may experience moral & emotional stress from laboratory animal research. Giving love and support to animals in need, animals in pain, is a sacred thing. If you participated in this webinar or viewed it on YouTube, please be advised that authorship of approximately 80% of the webinar content includes material copyrighted by Teresa Wagner and was used fraudulently by Judy Scheffel. All of this can lead to workplace stress which has known negative effects in the human medical field such as increased depression & exhaustion, decreased patient satisfaction and quality of care, and increase staff turnover & absenteeism. Compassion can hurt. eBooks. This occurs when personnel hold two conflicting ideas at the same time. Chapter 8 - Now What? WellBeing International seeks to achieve optimal well-being for the triad of People, Animals and Environment (PAE) emphasizing the intersections of the three elements, through the following approaches to build global health and happiness: Global Awareness, Cooperation & Partnership and Science & Technology. Her clients have included the Humane Society of the United States, The American Humane Association, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators and individuals from more than 50 animal shelters. Copyright, Psychological Phenomena and Processes Commons. Compassion fatigue is an issue of importance for all people who have devoted their lives, their careers or their volunteer time to helping animals and/or the people who care about them: Those who work in animal shelters, rescue, sanctuary and advocacy organizations, those who provide grief support for people who have lost their beloved animals, those who work tirelessly in the animal rights and animal welfare fields, those who work in veterinary medicine and other animal support services. You live it. To see how institutions have implemented these strategies you can view University of Michigan's Compassion Awareness Project and University of Washington's Dare 2 Care Program. | Continued exposure the pain and trauma of others is what makes us susceptible to Secondary Traumatic Stress, more commonly called compassion fatigue. In July 2015, Judy Scheffel used the material on these pages as if it was her own, violating copyright law and a written agreement to use it only with attribution, for a webinar organized by Lisa Levinson and sponsored by In Defense of Animals. Animal Care workers are vulnerable to Compassion Fatigue… | We must learn to practice not only everyday coping techniques, but to employ long term healing strategies as well. You can find more information on her resources on her website. Chapter 7 - The Connection (227 KB), Download > Chapter 4 - The Bond (40 KB), Download Radical Self-Care For Radical Times In the Lab Animal Community, Experimental Design, Reproducibility, & Translation, Translational Digital Biomarkers Working Group, Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Exposition, Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Working Group. Unfortunately, ultimately most of these bonds are broken at the end of the study. When we love animals deeply, when we are sensitive to the pain of people and animals who are hurting and when we are exposed to their suffering we can become depleted. Chapter 5 - The Animal-Shelter Environment (54 KB), Download Compassion Fatigue: Managing Risk in Animal Care by Mary Haight on October 31, 2014 Compassion fatigue, depression, and suicide in the veterinary community has been in the news recently, with the stunning loss of internationally renowned animal … We also may not feel supported by society or even friends and family in our work since laboratory animal research has social stigma. Additionally, Julie Squires is a Compassion Fatigue Specialist with experience working with laboratory animal professionals. As he got closer he saw that the young woman was actually not dancing, but picking up starfish from the sand and tossing them gently back into the ocean. "The sun is coming up and the tide is going out; if I don't throw them in they'll die. That one act makes a world of difference to that animal … Additionally, Julie Squires is a Compassion Fatigue Specialist with experience working with laboratory animal professionals. One type of workplace stress is called compassion fatigue which is comprised of burnout and secondary traumatic stress. Nearly all animal care workers agree that your first line of defense against compassion fatigue is to accept the reality that you cannot save everyone. The young woman bent down, picked up another starfish, and placed it lovingly back into the ocean, past the breaking waves. You can find more information on her resources on her website . To read more on this issue see the 2020 publication by Dr. Engel and colleagues titled "Cognitive Dissonance in Laboratory Animal Medicine & Implications for Animal Welfare.". Robert G. Roop, The Humane Society of the United States, Download | Appendix B - Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue (CSF) Test (57 KB). Chapter 2 - The Definition of Terms and the Nature of Compassion (64 KB), Download Compassion fatigue is the unique form of stress experienced only by people helping, treating or supporting trauma victims. A relevant comment on Building emotional resilience in the animal research community was published in October 2020. ***Note about The Starfish story: The scientific term for a starfish is sea star. In the distance he caught sight of a young woman who seemed to be dancing along the waves. The workshops that have been offered in those early years have been completely redesigned, updated and refined to integrate both the literature and research that has been published since the time frame of the original classes as well as many more in-depth tools on coping with and healing the overwhelming feelings that are part of working with traumatized animals and clients.

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