compassion fatigue checklist

Get medical treatment if needed to relieve symptoms that interfere with daily functioning- don’t use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate, Get professional help when needed to get back on track- we all need coaches and consultants at times, Name 3 things you feel grateful for today, Think of something that has brought you a sense of joy (Make your top ten list), Who do you love that you can reach out to today? ! web@compassionfatigue.org. Transforming stress through awareness, education and collaboration. Ihave!been!feeling!fatigued! The Life Events Checklist was administered to 251 novice pediatric nurses at the start of the nurse residenc … Put a check by the 10 items on the Burnout Scale : 1, 4, 8, 10, 15, 17, 19, 21, 26, 29. Please use, copy, and distribute it freely, as long as the authors are credited, no changes are made, and it is not sold. – Anger toward perpetrators or causal events, “First, you should understand that it’s a process. Develop interests outside of medicine. All rights reserved. If you have concerns, contact a health care provider, mental or behavioral health professional, or your community health center. ! – Loss of hope and meaning=existential despair ! Fall into the habit of complaining with your colleagues. Compassion fatigue is a form of burnout where caregivers continue to give themselves fully to the person they are caring for, finding it difficult to maintain a healthy balance of being able to separate themselves from the patient (empathy and objectivity). You also might experience an emotional blunting – whereby you react to situations differently than one would normally expect.”. Patricia Smith, Founder • “Physical & emotional exhaustion as a result of prolonged stress and frustration” (Stamm) • Depleted ability to cope with work/life demands • Feel powerlessness to achieve goals • No control over workload or scheduling • … The book is now available through Amazon Spain and will be available from Amazon in the United States in the near future. �ʬ?�*vj� ߜ���9�q�A~9'q�խ�@�\�pK9�%��怋x�J ��k��t�&ল��v�zp�� �;�1�e��K����x04��HI��+E���DLv/\�-��V���Ƣ뫎�ˈ��'�V�y�*Ǣ��y��O���^�l)u. stream r.��\m��p�d�/b�]����f1�^"��ièu��C��ዣ}��>`��~��0�y���#^WmQ�]�����Я��[w�4BN8�6=n1�l�b"R� 2q���u��s���{{�JhЖŹ_��/��-�Ԙ��뷅 ��1��r��?G�����$P��֫R3@�%,�\���j�o��F�b-`�Bez �&������Hi'�{x�dgM "Pd�[�%� �'a�ƞJ&9��= EU © Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. Ihave!been!feeling!keyed9upand!nervous! Understand that the pain you feel is normal. The comprehensive look at the veterinary field worldwide brings into focus the challenges the profession now faces. compassion fatigue in caregiving. The following 'Ten Laws' help us create a healthy workplace for ourselves, provide healthy care to others, and promote healthy, life-affirming changes. ! Finally, more than 200 years later, caregivers worldwide have theirs! Compassion Fatigue is a state of tension and preoccupation with the individual or cumulative trauma of clients as manifested in one or more ways including re- experiencing the traumatic event, avoidance/numbing of reminders of the event, and persistent arousal. We all have hidden sources of energy and healing power. Mother Teresa Understood Compassion Fatigue. Handout-SYMPTOMS OF COMPASSION FATIGUE. Circle the 10 items on the Trauma/Compassion Fatigue Scale : 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 23, 25, 28. Balancing your life involves putting the things that we value and have passion for in our schedule. Hire a lawyer. Commonalitities of Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Emotional exhaustion; Reduced sense of personal accomplishment or meaning in work; Mental exhaustion; Decreased interactions with others (isolation) Depersonalization (symptoms disconnected from real causes) Physical exhaustion Compassion fatigue and its kin, such as secondary traumatic stress, PTSD, empathic distress and vicarious trauma, create issues in our lives. Sign Up to Receive FREE Monthly Magazines, Reduced sense of personal accomplishment or meaning in work, Decreased interactions with others (isolation), Depersonalization (symptoms disconnected from real causes). Look for a new job, buy a new car, get a divorce or have an affair. %PDF-1.3 Check it out. The Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project has compiled a “Zero Tolerance” workplace violence template for concerned caregiving organizations to post within plain view of staff, visitors, consultants and anyone else who enters the premises. b. When Compassion fatigue occurs when family caregivers begin to take on the pain and suffering of the person for whom they are caring. Disclaimer: These materials and resources are presented for educational purposes only. – Emotional intensity increases Neglect your own needs and interests. – Loss of self-worth and emotional modulation Her follow-up book, Compassion Satisfaction: 50 Steps to Healthy Caregiving, guides readers through 50 steps toward authentic, sustainable self-care and compassion satisfaction. Caregivers experiencing compassion fatigue have a difficult time maintaining a healthy balance between concerns for their family member and staying objective. The Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project also offers original training materials, workbooks, and texts through our parent organization, Healthy Caregiving LLC. ! Identify what’s important to you. patricia@compassionfatigue.org, Derek Smith, Webmaster Talk out your stress- process your thoughts and reactions with someone else (coworker, therapist, clergy, friend, family, supervisor), Build a positive support system that supports you, not fuels your stress, Pets accept whatever affection you are able to give them without asking for more—Pets are basically invulnerable to “provider burnout”–Blood pressure and heart rate decrease when interacting with animals, 220 Adams Drive, Suite 280 - #224, Weatherford, TX 76086 USA.

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