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Machen Sie den Praxis-Test und Sie werden den Unterschied merken. The curved sides reflect heat towards the center, so they’re better formed for baking. The carbon steel will still spread heat evenly for a perfect socarrat. If you’re serving it as an appetizer or snack, it doesn’t need to be quite so big. Notably, this pan is fashioned with strategically placed hammered bevels to offer assisted heat distribution while you’re cooking. They are built to last long and offer more value for the money. Mauviel M’Elite paelleras use 18/10 steel. Overall, this pan is built for high-class cooking. Apart from the carbon steel construction, this item is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean. And yes, a lot of the cookware from Le Creuset is non-stick. No doubt that our master chef on TV is literally encouraging us to try cooking some new dishes that are definitely worth to try out. Made in France, it features heavy-gauge 2-millimeter copper for better heat conductivity and temperature control, which helps infuse flavors in the rice. The heavy gauge of metal makes this pan particularly sturdy enough to last you years of wear and tear. Beefsteakveg is reader-supported. The burner is 15.75 inches in diameter and the pan is 18 inches wide. Best of all, this pan comes with La Valencia’s excellent customer service. Below, we’ll take a deep dive into 15 of our favorite paella pan options. PFOA ist ein Stoff, der häufig bei der Her­stel­lung von An­ti­haft­be­schich­tun­gen ver­wen­det wird. Coming with an exterior hammer stainless polish, which means you can use it as a severing or decorative piece. The large surface area with matte black enamel keeps the rice layer shallow and allows excess moisture to evaporate—perfect for top-notch toasty socarrat. Next up, Garcima 23.75-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan is an authentic product from Spain with an ample cooking space to cook delicious paella for your friends and family. You need to purchase a paella pan that will work well with your cooking source, whether you have an oven, stovetop, or an open fire grill. That’s deeper than typical paelleras, so don’t overfill or it will mess with your socarrat. Trying to cook a delicious meal like Pella without the right ingredients or pan for the first time may be unsuccessful. The pan is rust-resistant despite having a super shiny metallic look. Nordic Ware. The stand has two rings and three grills. Despite the large size, this pan only weighs about 4 pounds making it super portable for cooking at large family gatherings. “This is my go-to when I am going somewhere to cook paella and I want to leave the pan as a gift,” says Piñeiro. The pan has bright red insulated handles that are well-balanced for carrying it to the table and serving your meal. Mehr Informationen », Das VGL-Team konnte sich vor allem für eine Paella-Pfanne aus dem Vergleich begeistern und hat daher die Victor Paella-Pfanne mit der Bestnote "SEHR GUT" ausgezeichnet. And if it helps, the brand is French. The handles in this paella have no insulation, but because they’re made of cast stainless steel, they stay cool while cooking and serving. PFOA ist eine haftabweisende Substanz, die bei beschichteten Pfannen vorkommen kann. This pan is sturdy and rigid with a classic dimpled bottom. Sie können eine Paella-Pfanne am Grill benutzen, wenn diese auch backofenfest ist und besonders hohen Temperaturen ausgesetzt werden kann. Carbon steel requires frequent seasoning, which can be a hassle for today’s modern cooks. Paelleras can get as large as 60 inches and prepare the dish for roughly 250 people. The pan doesn’t need seasoning, but you have to be careful while cleaning or scouring t because the enamel coating might be damaged by abrasive cleaners. This means you have to season them before use and after cooking dry or clean them as quickly as possible.

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