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0000006275 00000 n 0000005462 00000 n Name benzene derivatives. ?™�E}���\T������ ��W Create Date August 19, 2020. 2. Friedelcrafts acylation. h��V�[W�w��$$�`��c⃇���u�@"b�#aieQ�P�)VŮ�P�"EH(�ƮU����X5 ���ˮ[A��l�� x�b```f``z�����v�A�X�����x������ �0d`j``�)Ux�ͭ�V�����ǜY��np�3Y0. <]>> �F;�db���1��*Z�����:��&�E&9D�h�Gl�e_㊊��� �!L�$�J��R�B�4MMf �JS;��2&���ݤA2����g�tI5ES`y��I��Hr�D8��TW�Թ�����@mw�I��Lj�L�Y:�[�hMb��|4G=�ʘ��4���t�;P��rŽ"UD� '���T�V"�"u\��LM��P�lJe��YN����\�~���b�~�Ŧ��)'���K>��7 #p����Lrt]>�[vj�K����"�X������+ Recognize aromatic compounds using Huckel's criteria. of benzene, Orbital picture, resonance in benzene, aromatic. h��Ymo�6������N�(J� qR�ْ6�Ӧ[��M;jdɑ�4���)ڲ-;N�m�ߏ��{��$s����q/�:b�yT�̋8֜ ��B������}�:7����C+��ђ�y����'h1�zQ�T#��z��Җ4��4����dž�ף�d�'��i^�&q_Q�����a;�2`{w^>T��*�h�a��RѪ�ג�������Y�������F��4�)4��iX3�O���S�%�t�\=Tp4�Gj� h�bbd```b`�6�� �QDr��� �IDJ:���A�(X�ɢ&o�H�0;���+A��"��e`��l�l ����D2���{����30120I����8 ���7 1�| Reactions of benzene - nitration, sulphonation, halogenationreactivity, �F@��p���:` *@O�#�+4� = $ �y@�C� �8���&���ߴ=Ϋ]���v���y.�m�uP��d�6,o���u�}�A��Dzl^Ed��m��a�!/I�#r��s�����f���Rե������@����@��o�|�r}P�(s���m����-c+V��wkU����*�Ȥ6צһM�����g�v�H��lf��qqa>ʓ|2���p�Wwċ�:ED�\z9��Q^�٧�!=��X��s��b�%3����� $M{�kx'ʜt�35n�a��b]���Cu��F�d+s����wZ"74P�c�6��{�#aW|6������zR{x4L�{���n��gf�Xg�70[��ܧJT�k⤖�E�_��}{�^4�39�'O|Y�1 268 18 AKTU B Pharm Question Papers Download – 2020, Helpful Physical Pharmacy Notes Free Download-2020, Pharmaceutical Engineering Notes Free PDF Download. Notes for the CIE O Level Chemistry – 26: Benzene and Its Compounds. 0000001347 00000 n 15.3: Structure and Stability of Benzene Formula: C 6H 6, four degrees of unsaturation (section 6.2) three double bonds + one ring The π-bonds of benzene are resistant to the normal reactions of alkenes and alkynes Br Br Cl CHO CHO Br 2 HCl O 3 No Reaction Benzene’s cyclic conjugated structure gives it … %PDF-1.4 %���� 26: Benzene and Its Compounds. View Notes - CHAPTER 09 - Benzene and its Derivatives.pdf from OCH 3 at University of Santo Tomas. startxref 697 0 obj <>stream %%EOF Explain the trend for the acidity of substituted phenol using the concept of electron-donating and electron-withdrawing groups, and inductive and resonance effects.. 4. ޿����D�hL���Gc$�{w����;q�8�y������E\%y�4��Za��z �|sʆqZ*l�0z{u�wœ_�'j��'f~w�uoUL�ު�n����ƃd8T�����!|QEy����CuS(�|Z�0�WP&P�{��JF7dI���a:W�Y?$�H��+�*�X�؏'��&��7q���IbH�s�ކC�-��dR;L��?\�x%v�������{�'�I��o��Yp�u. File Size 0.00 KB. B. CHAPTER 09 Benzene and its Derivatives Modified and prepared by: Robert Dominic D. … 2ӊ�(]����_�/hz���&?���˫ŝ��l?�V�������s��z��̬Z�!�]�6Co��ܤ���)��uK���%��g�� K�L���O������"�H����T>i� 0000005686 00000 n Benzene and its Derivatives PDF Note Download. ` ���� o:�� Version 1. 8��q����`�Oxwa&e�r���*�ʩQ�6�-��D���3�){�Uϙ�0�>|�.� �G�-FQ8Й� ���u�4�`�.� �3� �~E���H�Q�0�,@�� �m�e�`��Q��N� ���` �\ F�`��F8���b@E�E��w!Ma �C�S紎ʇj(�2��@>�㙹�� ��d`��. 0000002868 00000 n U�������o���s~�wν3 0000002023 00000 n #��}�7�q���mÄ[�^�hܦ�����+� ��C>�~ �uX`��"��5��J�K�X[G$�Tq7��oU��}��=�|'�t&'�R�X>������ra�� �����t����5�̣�y7����~��Wk���ꠓUK1�b���4 V����KEY#q�ۺ��3@(�H Lecture Notes Chem 51B S. King Chapter 17 Benzene and Aromatic Compounds I. Download 6. 268 0 obj <> endobj Friedelcrafts alkylation- reactivity, limitations, Analytical, synthetic and other evidences in the derivation of structure. characters, Huckel’s rule 0000006526 00000 n 0 %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000002585 00000 n 0000001262 00000 n 0000003098 00000 n 0000004896 00000 n O��Q^v�!�!��UI_۷�[�3_e���cBÌ��c�����ۍ�~������-`֧]P�}N���W%�I�8�_��Fj� 7�3]1�ھ�ۆ�ދdv�s�\)�$�d�ԭ\�Ӌ���>�;}͟{��&C�0���HtIk����}��6*H��м��\�����݁���(��BK��{l��[�)ʨ���R�m • The dashed lines inside the hexagon in the resonance hybrid of benzene 0000002548 00000 n endstream endobj 650 0 obj <> endobj 651 0 obj <> endobj 652 0 obj <>stream of benzene, Orbital picture, resonance in benzene, aromatic xref 0 %%EOF Benzene & Its Derivatives Chapter 22 Organic Lecture Series 2 Reactions of Benzene The most characteristic reaction of aromatic compounds is substitution at a ring carbon: + + Chlorobenzene Halogenation: H Cl2 Cl FeCl3 HCl + + Nitrobenzene Nitration: HNOHNO3 2 H2 SO4 H2 O These have been made according to the syllabus 9701 and cover all the relevant topics for examination in March/June. Analytical, synthetic and other evidences in the derivation of structure trailer of the unique structure and chemical properties of benzene and its derivatives. 285 0 obj <>stream 0000003176 00000 n Download Benzene and its Derivatives. Benzene and its Derivatives PDF Note Download Free for Pharmacy students. Benzene and its Derivatives PDF Note Download Free for Pharmacy students. 0000001481 00000 n 0000000656 00000 n The Phenyl Group (The Foundation of Benzene Derivatives) The phenyl group is formed by removing one hydrogen from benzene to create the fragment is C 6 H 5. 0000001632 00000 n A. Kekulé’s Model of Benzene The first structure for benzene, proposed by August Kekulé in 1872, consisted of a six-membered ring with alternating single and double bonds and with one hydrogen bonded to each carbon. INTRODUCTION• Benzene is a chemical that is a colourless or light yellow liquid at room temperature. 0000009220 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 649 0 obj <> endobj 675 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7019F9F791D6EE04476CF255454BC31E>]/Index[649 49]/Info 648 0 R/Length 124/Prev 912442/Root 650 0 R/Size 698/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

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