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Can the Dark Knight prevail over The Terminator now that he's got equalized physicals? This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. --IGN. I'm pretty sure it's dead horses that he kicks too. Entertaining. There's the context, just so you know I'm not making things up. Meg Downey writes about the DC Universe for DCComics.com and covers DC's Legends of Tomorrow for the #DCTV Couch Club. @monsterstomp: lol now your defending Slade!?!? Let me explain. I can upload the other scans if you want? What kind of job has it where you kick horses for a living? @risingbean: Exactly. I just spent like 10 minutes trying to find the issue. Batman simply doesn't hold up well against Slade despite having a massive skill advantage. Haha. None of the files shown here are hosted or transmitted by this server. @monsterstomp: Do you have a monster stomping fetish? I just found the scans. I think the promethium sword is an interesting twist. Excellent artwork, fantastic story line, very satisfying read. Please try again. 1: The Professional (Rebirth) (Deathstroke (Rebirth)), The Umbrella Academy Library Edition Volume 2: Dallas (The Umbrella Academy: Dallas), The Umbrella Academy Volume 1: Apocalypse Suite (Deluxe Edition), The Umbrella Academy Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion. I have to say really did not get some of the side stories in the book. tough, tough fight. This is a six-part story written by Christopher Priest and drawn by Carlo Pagulayan and Roberto Viacara that’s currently taking place in DC’s ongoing DEATHSTROKE series. In a lot of ways, it's easy to read both Bruce and Slade as characters who are pretty much destined to fight with each other. I was really excited about the idea of the world's greatest detective vs world's deadliest assassian. Give me more than one instance where Batman beats Slade in a head on fight. Yeah, I would need to do more research on Slade's swordsmanship. Read the Complete DC Nation #0 Right Now! Teen Titans/Deathstroke: The Terminus Agenda, Deathstroke Vol. Batman. The difference in playing as Deathstoke is that you look like Deathstroke and you have his tools instead of Batman's tools. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. @omnicrono I know you'll want to get in on this. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Rules: Random Encounter. @jashro44: Yeah we have the same scans. Darthstroke wasn't walking away injured. Was this fight where they were on the building? Of course, most of the time, when people do their best to stand up against (or provide commentary on) Batman's lengthy, ominous shadow, they're looking at him as…well, a hero. they probably get annoyed fighting eachother and go curbstomp wolverine. Of course, with those comparisons come some pretty complicated questions that circle back to the core of who Bruce and Slade are as people and what matters most to them both behind and in front of their respective masks. Nothing happens really in it. Still hard to tell. Moral code or not, Slade's still a murderer and Batman is still Batman with all his absolutes. Good story. People love to compare other superheroes (and super-villains) to Batman, and it's really not hard to see why. You don't get to spend your entire adult life living the way that either of them do without falling into some patterns. EDIT: Just noticed that this is "morals off" even. Batman gets equal physicals to Slade in strength, speed, and stamina. ...Except Batman and Deathstroke are also kind of the exact same person. You mean besides that time that Batman gives Slade such a good fight that after the brawl Slade ends up getting one-shotted by a guy who "kicks horses for a living"?!?!

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