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I’ve been following you since I moved to Vista a couple of years ago, having fun planting veggies on slopes, under my baby citrus and avocado trees, and also have a tiny raised bed garden. its shape matches with bacon , skin color and texture matches near with fuerte , but gets dark purple while ripens.. please can you help me identify the variety. So glad you made that because it is worth 10,000 words. I’m located in El Cajon and just planted my 5 gallon Kona Sharwil in mid February. On toast, I often add a dash of hot sauce. There is some very vigorous growth below each graft. The trees showed up great! I went to ucavo.ucr.edu and it said that a young avocado tree needs about 1 lbs of nitrogen a year. Was it saturated soil this winter? This assumes that you are properly judging the leaves as being droopy; some varieties are naturally somewhat droopy. I prefer other avocado varieties for guacamole or as cubes in a salad. I’d be optimistic about your tree fruiting more in the coming years. No flowers left. Any idea what this critter is and how to deal with it? The closer the pollenizer tree, the more cross-pollination opportunities. If the tree’s leaves turn yellow the tree may be chlorotic. More on this specific Bacon avocado tree later. The Haas is about 5 years old and doing fine! My question for you today is in regards to her current appearance and what exactly is wrong. So congratulations on that. But a few years ago the field was turned into condos. They would flush sparsely and then appear stressed and burn on the margins. How deep are the shallowest roots? Nice work! I am growing a couple of Avocado trees in Oaxaca, México. Bacon Avocados bloom in mid-season, and will produce literally millions of yellow-white flowers from March to May. I don’t know of any public trees in your area, but I would guess there are some in Escondido. Young branches do get dark blotches on them naturally, and this is not a disease or of any concern. But sometimes I have trees acting like this that I never fully understand. Honestly, my hope for this tree is to keep it going until next spring when I can take a piece of wood from it to graft onto a better rootstock somewhere in the yard. I’ve tried to flood it, I bought the cinch trap you recommended and the little bugger burried it maybe ten times. this world? I was seriously considering a Bacon as I chanced upon a site saying it tasted just like bacon! New branches and tons of leafs and double the size. The fruit is bigger than Mexicola but doesn’t have the anise background of Mexicola. I have a situation that I did not see exactly described after reading your post and I am wondering if you can shed some light on it. Please have a look at my post, “Fertilizing avocado trees.” If you still have a question about what you should do in your situation, let me know in a comment there. Thanks for the insights, that gives me some hope! I’m guessing you’re on Metropolitan Water District water, in which case there’s nothing that I know of that you can do to combat the water except to water more, oddly. I have noticed that no matter what fruit you have, they will tell you which is the sweetest and best tasting by eating those first and leaving remnants. If your soil is sandy and the drainage is good, then my guess is either lack of water or overfertilization — maybe a combination of the two. I also mixed in some wood chips from a chopped down city trees, idk if that matters. In fact, I’ve never seen exactly those symptoms before. I echo Dal about being cautious about fertilizing young avocado trees like yours. I don’t know when or where to look to see the new fruit will grow. Now I have no idea how to tell the difference. (Although do remember that the fruit will taste better if you let it hang a month or two longer. I have 3 avocados in temecula in a neighborhood that scraped the land before they built the houses. This could be due to many different reasons though (rootstock, sun exposure, soil salinity, watering volume, competing trees nearby).

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