3 negative effects of agriculture

This website uses cookies (view the Cookies page in the footer for more info). Not only is agriculture a recent development of human life, it has also developed extremely fast. Several other major industries also rely on agriculture in different ways. For each of these positive instances, there is an alternate and negative impact as well: habitat destruction, feast and famine cycles (e) Decline in underground water due to over exhaustion for high water using crops, increase in cropping intensity and increase in cultivated area especially is northern part of the sweet water zone. Agriculture has mostly a positive effect on the economy and employment. Pesticides have been linked to public health effects …, Nitrogen fertilizer … and circulation of reactive nitrogen can have negative effects on … human health, Humans are becoming less able to be treated by antibiotics because we are building a resistance to them through the foods we eat, Humans can be exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria when antibiotics end up in the water, soil and air around us through excess use on livestock. As agriculture is becoming more and more commercialized, a number of plant and animal species are becoming extinct. The nutrition of the food being produced on farms can impact individuals. … irrigation practices can lead to groundwater depletion, water quality degradation, and competition for drinking water, among other impacts. In another considerable contrast in time, humans have been living agriculture based lifestyles for microscopic time relative to the beginning of humans. in raising incomes among the poorest compared to other sectors. Southeast Asia is located at the corner of Asia, made up of islands and part of Asia continent land. This paper will talk about imperialism in Southeast Asia, India and South America, how European power imperialize those areas and how imperialism effect those areas. For each of these positive instances, there is an alternate and negative impact as well: habitat destruction, feast and famine cycles, empirically examines the effects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on agricultural output and economic growth in Kenya. For instance some regions that have commonly agricultural applications have various favorable environmental effects kind of natural life, oxygen production and climate depending on regions and ecology. Developing countries’ economies and agricultural industries can be sensitive to the activity of developed countries. Share Your PDF File It’s a matter of assessing farms on a case by case or individual basis, and not generalising agriculture overall. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The impacts are:- 1. The forest area in the recent past has not changed much because its diversion for non-forestry purposes has been more or less compensated by afforestation. Three positive outcomes include stabilization, improved nutrition, and food surplus. 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impact_of_agriculture, 2. The seriousness of pests has further increased by way of indiscriminate and increased use of pesticides. The forest cover estimates are given in Table 2. Human Health – there’s several ways agriculture might impact human health, such as through the use of agricultural chemicals like pesticides that humans can be exposed to, the use of GMOs, nutrition in the food we eat (that is produced on farms), viruses that originate in livestock, and more. *Note – this is a generalized guide only. This study is based on secondary data. There are precautions that can be taken to minimize or eliminate these potential hazards. Three positive outcomes include stabilization, improved nutrition, and food surplus. Worldwide, agriculture accounts for at least 170,000 occupational deaths each year: half of all fatal accidents. natural rainfall, amount of freshwater supplies available, temperature, quality of land etc. Agriculture affects food supplies and ecosystems and should be practiced with care and attention. 3. Water is critical to most economic activities, as almost every product and service we use has a water footprint (directly, or indirectly), Some might also argue that the quantity or quality of agricultural production can impact the costs associated with the health system if there isn’t enough food being produced, there is too much (and people are becoming obese, and developing weight related health conditions), or there is an issue with the nutrition of the food being produced, Agriculture differs both by the individual farm, and by geographical region i.e. Moreover intensification of agriculture has a negative impact to agriculture ecosystem that is including ossification of soil and ground, decrease of organic matter (Stoate et al., 2001). Content Guidelines 2. Developing countries can suffer when developed countries increase demand substantially of certain foods, which can push the price up and make food unaffordable in poorer countries. Fluctuations in the world market can also make food supply, and farming as a business volatile and go up and down in poorer countries. ADVERTISEMENTS: The following points highlight the five main impacts of agriculture on environment. Other important health hazards include agrochemical poisoning, transmissible animal diseases, toxic or allergenic agents, and noise, vibration and ergonomic hazards. As agriculture has negative effects on environment it also has positive effects. and Jahns, L., 2018. Increase in population resulting in more demand for fuel wood and timber. The mechanisation of agriculture require various energy resources such as diesel, electricity, petrol etc. It is clear from table 3 that the use of pesticides increased at a fast rate in the country. Share Your PPT File. Deforestation 3. (b) Imbalance in soil nutrients particularly the deficiency of micro- nutrients. The depletion of vegetative cover such as grass lands and forest tree species and similarly extinction of wild animals, birds and insects is matter of concern. With the shift in crop pattern, increase in area under irrigation and higher cropping intensity, the pest problem has become very severe. Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. It was 24.3 thousand tonnes of Technical Grade Material in 1970- 71 which increased to 75.0 thousand tonnes in 1990-91, thereafter it started falling, touching a level of 56.1 thousand tonnes in 1996-97 and 38 thousand tonnes in 2006-07. [There are also many] sectors that rely on agriculture—forestry, fishing, and related activities; food, beverages, and tobacco products; textiles, apparel, and leather products; food and beverage stores; and food service, eating and drinking places (ers.usda.gov), In the UK, the food and farming sector is worth over £120 billion and employing over 4 million people (countrysideonline.co.uk), In Australia in 2017, agriculture was the largest contributor to economic growth (agri.com.au). 1, out of total geographical area, 141.3 million hectare (10.3 per cent) area is subject to such water and wind erosions. Share Your Word File The, They gave special focus on disaggregated and sectoral expenditures. Farming has a lot of environmental impacts this report will talk about the positive, negative and, how to fix, text, we learned about modernization of society and how agriculture permitted nomadic hunt-and-gather groups to become stabilized and centralized in one location. With a growing population expected into the years 2050 and 2100, there is some concern that the current agricultural systems, practices and approaches may not be able to ensure food security in all regions worldwide . The use of by-products such as paddy straw and rice husk has not been made properly. the cost to clean up or treat water polluted by agricultural chemicals. But, some of the environmental and human health issues caused by agriculture could come at an economic cost e.g. Disclaimer Copyright, Share Your Knowledge Undernutrition causes over 15% of the global disease burden. Economically, it creates million of jobs that keep people employed and keeps food affordable, but has regrettably created subsidies too. (g) High use of nitrogen and water have caused percolation of nitrogen up to water table thus polluting it even for human consumption. – https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0195405, 3. https://research.msu.edu/effects-of-farming-on-global-human-health/, 4. https://www.greenfacts.org/en/agriculture-iaastd/l-2/5-health-and-agriculture.htm, 5. http://nasdonline.org/1246/d001050/health-hazards-in-agriculture-an-emerging-issue.html, 6. http://www.fao.org/ag/againfo/home/en/news_archive/2012_Impacts_of_farming_intensification_on_wildlife.html, 7. https://phys.org/news/2008-06-agriculture-impact-economic.html, 8. https://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/food-and-farming/contributing-to-the-economy/, 9. https://www.agri.com.au/agriculture-is-now-the-powerhouse-driving-economic-growth-in-australia/, 10. https://croplife.org/news/agriculture-a-2-4-trillion-industry-worth-protecting/, 11. https://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/ag-and-food-statistics-charting-the-essentials/ag-and-food-sectors-and-the-economy/, 12. https://nff.org.au/media-centre/farm-facts/, 13. https://www.worldwildlife.org/industries/sustainable-agriculture, 14. https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/agriculture/overview#1, Home » Information Guides » The Potential Negative Effects Of Agriculture On Humans, Human Health, Society & The Economy.

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